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Today From The SEW Blog…

  • YSM and

    Danny already posted in pretty extensive detail — my laptop battery died or I
    would’ve put this up sooner — regarding Tim Cadogan’s presentation at Yahoo
    Analyst Day. Tim was very thorough and credible in discussing the upgrades and
    improvements to the platform. One area of interest to me, of course, was his
    discussion of local….
  • Google
    Blog Search Adds Time Based Filtering

    Spotted over at SEOMoz, Google Blog Search has added, what seems to be new, a
    way to filter results by date range. If you so a search on any keyword, for
    example google, you will notice on the left hand side, there are options
    labeled “Published.” You can filter results by published within the last hour,
    last 12 hours, last day, past week, past month, anytime or you can choose your
    dates. You can also sort by relevance or by date, a feature added by Google
    Scholar recently….
  • Tim
    Cadogan Talking At Yahoo Analyst Day

    Tim Cadogan, vice president of search, up now at Yahoo Analyst Day, talking
    about search monetization. He starts by saying the consumer is always first in
    consideration, then explains the search food chain/cycle, how questions can be
    answered by advertisers. Think there are billions of offers that can be
    delivered with more relevancy to make both sides, advertisers and searchers,
  • Jeff
    Weiner Talking At Yahoo Analyst Day

    I’m at Yahoo’s Analyst Day today, and I thought I’d give a shot at live
    blogging a session or two. We’ll see how it goes, starting with Jeff Weiner,
    senior vice president, search and marketplace, at Yahoo. He’s doing the first
    session focused exclusively on search, though Lloyd Braun, speaking now, has
    touched on a few things — including the new Yahoo Finance charts to come,
    which look to bring Yahoo up to what Google rolled out with Google Finance….
  • Last Day
    for SES London Early Bird Discount

    SES London is coming up in two weeks, and it’s shaping up to be the best U.K.
    show yet. We’ve added a third day to the conference, and also an additional
    track focusing on search marketing for financial services firms. Ask, Google,
    MSN and Yahoo all have speakers on multiple panels, along with the more than
    100+ other first-rate speakers we’ve lined up. To get the early bird discount,
    be sure to register for SES London 2006 today….

  • Microsoft To Discuss New Enterprise Search & Social Networking Software

    eWeek reports that Microsoft is going to announce an enterprise search
    application to compete with Google’s enterprise search solution. And
    reports that the next release of Microsoft’s SharePoint will have “Knowledge
    Network.” Knowledge Network is a feature that will “automatically builds
    profiles of employees and their areas of expertise.” I didn’t dig deeper yet,
    but it looks like the two items may be somewhat related. Hat tip, Gary
  • Jim
    Lanzone, CEO, Interviewed By CNBC

    Jim Lanzone, the new CEO of, was recently interviewed on CNBC. You can
    watch the video interview by clicking here. Jim talks about search
    market share, the recent TV commercials and why will continue to grow
    market share….
  • Get Your
    SEW Subscribed Link For Google & Resources On Making Them

    Doing some searching over at Google and want to keep up on the latest search
    news? Now you can, direct from us. After struggling with the instructions,
    I’ve finally got a subscribed link working for Search Engine Watch. You’ll
    find it here. Just add that link to your own profile, and you’re good to go.
    Currently, the subscribed link brings back custom news headlines about search
    for the following queries:…
  • Google
    Making AJAX Development Easier With Google Web Toolkit

    The Google Blog announced the release of Google Web Toolkit yesterday. The
    Google Web Toolkit enables developers to more easily develop AJAX applications
    by utilizing Java code. The Google Web Toolkit translates the Java to AJAX
    (“browser-compliant JavaScript and HTML.”) More details over at….
  • Belgian
    Company Suing Google Over Google Suggest Suggestions

    Philipp Lenssen points to a press release that shows when you begin to type
    your search at Google Suggest on “ServersCheck” it brings up results for “ServersCheck
    Crack,” ServersCheck Serial,” and other suggested searches of illegal versions
    of the ServersCheck products. Is this just a ploy for ServersCheck to get some
    free PR? Google Suggest is used on the Google Toolbar and was added to the
    Firefox toolbar….

  • Microsoft To Launch Analytics Software Today?

    Ben Charny reports that Microsoft may be releasing information about their
    analytics software today. It is no secret that Microsoft is working on some
    tool that can help their advertisers make informed decisions about their
    marketing campaigns. We reported earlier this month that Microsoft Acquires
    DeepMetrix, a Web analytics company. eWeek’s Ben Charny, expects more from
    Microsoft on this product today or very soon….
  • Google
    Video Makes It Easier & Faster To Upload reports that Google has made a few tweaks to the Google Video
    service. You can now upload your videos without installing any additional
    software and the videos should be available to share with others in a much
    shorter time frame than it was a few days ago….
  • Google
    Adding More Jobs Than Yahoo reports that Google is adding more jobs than Yahoo. Google
    has 1,800 open positions this year, up from 800 open positions last year.
    Yahoo has 800 openings this year, but they have declined from last year, with
    935 job openings. Google is also higher a higher percentage of employees
    overseas, with 51% of their job openings based outside of the U.S. Yahoo has
    29% of their job openings based overseas, up 15% from last year. Yahoo still
    has more employees than Google, with 10,098 employees at Yahoo and 6,790
    employees at Google….
  • Flickr
    Goes Out Of Beta; Adds Features; Improves Design & More

    Thomas Hawk has an outstanding rundown of the new features and new design
    features that came from Flickr after coming out of beta yesterday. Here is a
    quick summary of Thomas’s more detailed rundown….
  • More
    Notes on Google Notebook

    Google’s new web Notebook tool lets you save bits of web content in online
    “notebooks” that you can share with others. It’s a cool tool, but doesn’t have
    all of the features of other, similar tools. In today’s SearchDay article, A
    Closer Look at Google Notebook, I describe how the tool works and how it
    stacks up against the competition….

  • GenieKnows Local Search

    Last week Canadian-based search engine rolled out a local
    search beta (currently only available in the US). It offers dynamic maps,
    neighborhood/nearby business search and a number of sort/refine features,
    including by distance. Here is a full explanation of the various features.
    From my basic searching and review of the site, it seems to me unremarkable.
    Local is now a very crowded space and the ?table stakes? keep getting raised.
    For loyal GenieKnows users this will be a welcome addition to its
    capabilities. However, a Google Maps, Yahoo Local, SuperPages or Citysearch
    user will be left wishing for more…

  • Microsoft MapCruncher Lets You Mashup Data & Maps

    Want to mashup maps and data? Microsoft’s just launched its own way to do this
    with MapCruncher. The site’s not responding right now when I check, probably
    because of demand. From the note Microsoft sent us, it’s supposedly something
    anyone can do:…

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