Get Our Search News At The Top Of Google & Other New Subscribed Links

I wrote
our new
Google subscribed link that allows you to get search headlines from us at the
top of your searches at Google. Haven’t tried these yet? Check them out! Right
now, for example, a search on the term "google" would have given you these
headlines (as shown in the blue box):


My previous post,
Get Your SEW
Subscribed Link For Google & Resources On Making Them
, explains more about
the terms that trigger our news headlines on Google. Want to sign-up? It’s easy,
fast and free.
Just click
here to subscribe
. Don’t panic — if you don’t like
the headlines, you can unsubscribe easily any time.

Google has just also updated its
directory to list even more
of these types of subscribed links since my last post, so
check that out to see if there are some new resources you might want to try.
We’ve also had some new additions in our
unofficial directory that you might
want to review. Remember, that’s also the place that anyone can post to get the
word out about their own subscribed links.

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