Search Headlines & Links: May 18, 2006

Below, a recap of
stories posted yesterday to the Search Engine Watch Blog, along with other items we’ve spotted but not blogged

Yesterday From The SEW Blog…

  • Daily
    SearchCast, May 18, 2006: Yahoo Analyst Day; Google’s New Ad Budget Options &

    Podcast for the day.

  • New
    Search Patents: May 18, 2006 – Yahoo’s Active Abstracts are Calling

    Some new patents and patent applications from the last week cover a wide range
    of search related topics. On Tuesday, I wrote about some possible enhancements
    to Ask’s Binoculars. Yahoo seems to be looking at providing more information
    on search results pages with smarter snippets, or what they call “active
    abstracts” that can lead to such things as refined queries or maps or can even
    allow you to place a phone call. Microsoft comes up with an intermediary query
    interface which could be used with more than one search engine. IBM and
    Hitachi both present different ways of looking at…

  • Specialty Search Roundup #1

    Even though Gary Price left SEW Blog a few months ago and is now working at, ResourceShelf, the site he compiles and edits with a team of
    librarians is going strong as an independent resource. As I’m sure you
    remember, Gary has a strong interest in specialty search tools. One thing
    (there are many others) that stood out, since Gary’s departure, was that we
    were missing coverage of some specialty search topics. So, here’s a quick
    rundown of some of the databases he’s posted about recently on ResourceShelf….
  • KDDI,
    Japan Mobile Phones, Signs Deal With Google To Provide Mobile Search

    Gary Price spots that KDDI, a Japanese mobile operator, has signed a deal with
    Google to provide mobile search for au phones. The service is to begin as
    early as July 2006, and will enable not only mobile searches, but also be
    enhanced to provide search enabled services aimed at PCs….
  • Google
    AdWords Adds Budget Options For Ad Delivery

    I reported at SER the other day that Google AdWords has added a new option
    under the campaign settings to allow you to select standard or accelerated
    delivery options. Standard ad delivery spreads your ad impressions throughout
    the day, in order to not use up your whole daily budget right away in the
    morning. The accelerated ad delivery option doesn’t hold back, it just
    continues to display your ads, until your budget is all used up. There are
    more details on this new feature at the AdWords Help site. Want to discuss?
    Join our forum thread named Changes in the…
  • Google
    In Talks With China Mobile reports that Google and China Mobile are in talks about
    developing an Internet search engine for mobile devices in China. Wang
    Jianzhou, the chairman and chief executive of China Mobile (Hong Kong) told
    Business Week, “I recently met with Google’s CEO for the second time. And we
    both share the same idea: how to turn cell phones into a new kind of Internet
    search engine.” China Mobile is China’s largest mobile carrier and is looking
    for ways to increase revenue per user….
  • A Talk
    With Vinton Cerf On Google Book Search

    Leslie Walker from the Washington Post sat down with Vinton Cerf, founding
    father of the Internet and Google’s Chief Internet Evangelist, about Google
    Book Search. They basically talked about Google’s goal in digitizing books to
    make them easily findable via search. Read the article at….
  • Google
    Faces Criminal Charges For Child Porn & Racial Material reports and has more detail on Brazil’s Attorney
    General seeking to charge Google Brazil for the distribution of “child
    pornography and racial materials” by Orkut users, Google’s social networking
  • The New
    Online Library of Alexandria

    Most of the information created prior to the advent of the web is still in
    printed form. Fortunately, a number of groups and companies around the world
    are busily scanning books, magazines and other printed content so that it can
    be accessed with search engines. Once this content is online, the
    possibilities for using and mashing up the content with other types of
    information are just about limitless?but current copyright laws may throw a
    huge wrench in the whole works. In today’s SearchDay article, Building the
    Universal Library, I’ve done a “review” of a terrific new essay from Wired

Other Things We Read, Didn’t Blog But You Might Want To Read…

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