Another New Video News Distribution Play

It looks like online news video footage has another distribution outlet in ClipSyndicate, a firm reported on by The New York Times today. According to the story, ClipSyndicate is owned by online video search company Critical Mention, and “indexes videos from Bloomberg, The Associated Press and other news outlets.”

Publishers can show videos distributed by ClipSyndicate as long as they’re not broadcast firms. And, like Voxant, a similar company I reported on last week, publishers can earn a cut of the in-stream video ad revenue:

Publishers either pay an undisclosed fee to ClipSyndicate each time they show a clip — then display their own ads with the clip — or they can run the videos with ads sold by ClipSyndicate and earn 5 percent of the advertising revenue. The video’s owners, meanwhile, receive 30 percent of whatever revenue is generated from each clip.

It appears there are a couple differences between ClipSyndicate and Voxant, and both are related to Voxant’s viral component.

ClipSyndicate requires potential affiliate sites to be submitted for evaluation. Voxant, however, enables anyone who wants to grab video directly from distribution partners and other affiliates. Content creators can add a button alongside the clip inviting users to “Mash this story,” or grab it to put on their own sites. Rather than evaluating sites for inclusion in the network, Voxant has an interesting real-time monitoring interface that allows original content publishers to keep an eye on who’s posting their clips.

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