Search Headlines & Links: May 22, 2006

Below, a recap of
stories posted yesterday to the Search Engine Watch Blog, along with other items we’ve spotted but not blogged

From The SEW Blog…

Video Ads Out of Rich Media Beta Test

AdWords advertisers will be able to display video ads across the AdSense content
network. The video ads, in a click-to-play video format so not to be too
obtrustive to the user experience, will be available as both site targeted ads
as well as on a keyword basis. However, it does not seem to be an ad format that
publishers will be able to opt-out of….

Show Me
More Pictures Like This One…

Image search can be frustrating, because search engines can’t “see” pictures in
the same way that they can “read” text?indeed, image search involves a lot of
guesswork on the part of the engines. Experimental image search services are
trying to overcome the inherent challenges with image retrieval by allowing you
to use a reference image as a starting point to find similar images based on
color, texture and so on. More on two of these services in today’s SearchDay
article, Searching for Images by Similarity….

Continues To Gain Market Share While Others Lose

comScore released their latest stats on the “Share of Online Searches by
Engine”. Google gained April 2005 to April 2006 6.6 percentage points, claiming
43.1%, up from 42.7% March 2006. Yahoo with 28.0% in April 2006, dropped 2.7
percentage points from April 2005, but remained flat from March 2006 to April
2006 with 28% share. MSN dropped 3.2 percentage points claiming 12.9%, and also
saw a decline from March 2006 to April 2006 by .3%. What is a bit surprising is
that’s share also decreased both from April 2005 with 6.1% to March 2006
with 5.9% and then in…

MSN Allows
Webmasters To Opt Out Of ODP Titles

Huge props to MSN Search for enabling Webmasters to tell MSN not to display a
site’s ODP directory title in the MSN Search results. Basically, some times when
a site is listed in MSN Search results, they use the ODP ( directory
listing’s data, specifically the title and description from the ODP database.
Now, MSN allows Webmasters to specify if that data should be used or not. How do
you implement it?…

Estimates How Much Selling Your Links Is Worth

The folks at Text Link Ads announced via the Link Building Blog a tool that
calculated the value of links on your page. This nifty and stylish AJAX powered
tool asks you to type in the URL of the site, the site’s theme, the number of
links you want to sell on the page, if the links will be site wide or single
page link only and then to specify the location of the links on the page.
According to the tool, a single link on this site, if placed on the left hand
navigation bottom bar, is worth $5,200…

Sends Settlement Notices In Click Fraud Class Action Case

The Inside AdWords Blog posted an update on the Lane’s Gifts v. Google
Settlement. They posted a statement by Nicole Wong, Associate General

Behavior: An SEOs Perspective

Shari Thurow has a new ClickZ article live named Analyzing Search Behavior for
SEO, which looks at searcher behavior from the SEO’s perspective. She defines
the different modes of search behavior that include; Berrypicking, Querying,
Refining, Expanding, Browsing/surfing, Pogo-sticking, Foraging, Scanning
(eye-tracking) and Reading. Shari goes deep into a paper written by Marcia J.
Bates in 1989 named Berrypicking, for the inspiration of Analyzing Search
Behavior for SEO….

New Click
Fraud Bot Exploiting 34,000 PCs & Hundreds Of Advertisers

Help Net Security reports that PandaLabs discovered a bot named Clickbot.A,
which infected 34,000 computers. The Clickbot.A automatically clicks on search
ads, costing advertises hundreds of dollars (or more) for invalid clicks. This
clicks act as if they are real, in nature, since they are on 34,000 different
machines, on different networks, and are being instructed to the style of search
ad clicking they should take. So it may look as if the clicks are valid, when
they may not be. Jen will be posting more details later about this case, for now
you can get more information at Help…

Finds Bug With Site Search Command

Vanessa Fox from Google Engineering posted at the Inside Google Sitemaps blog,
that Google found a bug with the site search command. The post explains that
some of the reason people are noticing indexing issues at Google, is because of
this bug. The two of a “few bugs that affected the site: operator” include using
the site command with a trailing slash (i.e. or trying it
on a hyphenated domain name (i.e. Google says they
will have it fixed within a few days, but until then, use the syntax I have the forum roundup on this bug…

Google Adds
/Music To Robots.txt File: Google Music Coming Soon?

Garett Rogers discovers that Google just changed their robots.txt file to
include Disallow: /music. That suggests that Google is ready to launch a music
portal, of some sort soon. Gary Price has been speculating about Google Music
for over a year now….

Publisher Network Launches Direct Deposit & Tax Withholding

Yahoo! Publisher Network has just launched a few new features for publishers,
including the much longed for direct deposit. They have also included an option
for publishers to automatically allow YPN to do tax withholding on their
earnings. And lastly, they have announced that they will pay publishers on the
25th of the month, which puts them several days ahead of when Google AdSense
sends their payments to publishers. For more details on all the changes, please
see YPN launches direct deposit, tax withholding and faster payment turnaround
on JenSense….

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