Phil Bradley Our New Searching Correspondent; Jennifer Slegg Picks Up Paid Search Coverage

Search Engine Watch has always had two main audiences: search marketers and
searchers. We want marketers to understand how to reach an audience through
search engines. Equally important, we want that audience — the searchers — to
know how to search better and to be kept informed of great new tools and

Having Gary Price on board was a huge help in better serving our searcher
audience, since his background was as a librarian — you know, those human
search engines that have helped people for thousands of years. Our readers know
that Gary left us
earlier this year. Now I’m happy to say that a librarian has rejoined the ranks
of Search Engine Watch — Phil Bradley.

Phil’s background is as a librarian, and he’s been
blogging and speaking about
search resources for years. Now he comes aboard here as our searching
correspondent. He’ll be posting items related to searching the web, new search
engines and searching resources, all from the perspective of searchers who use
these tools. Welcome, Phil!

Meanwhile, our very first correspondent Jennifer Slegg is now going
double-barreled with a new title: paid search & contextual ads correspondent.
Jen was previously our contextual ads correspondent, but now she’s also going to
post on paid search and search advertising issues in general, such as with
today’s great
on the coming of dayparting to Google AdWords.

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