Search Headlines & Links: May 25, 2006

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  • Daily
    SearchCast, May 25, 2006: Google To Get Dayparting; Affiliate Sites Have New
    Worries From Google; YahooBay? eBayhoo? Not Quite, But The Two Are Partnering
    & More!

    Today’s search podcast covers Google getting dayparting of ads; Google saying
    no to low-quality affiliate sites; eBay and Yahoo get chummy; Ask’s aerial
    maps and more!
  • Google &
    Dell Partner: Google Software To Be Installed On Dell PCs

    The Wall Street Journal reports that Dell will be installing Google software
    on “millions of Dell personal computers.” That means software like Google
    Desktop search, the Google Toolbar, and the default search engine will be set
    to Google on these Dell PCs. Google is paying Dell an undisclosed amount for
    this partnership….
  • Travel
    Search Used By Few But Will Grow & Kayak Gets Top Honors In Review

    A new report finds few use travel search engines but that declares the area
    set to grow. Meanwhile, an recent review gives Kayak top honors when pitted
    against some competitors….
  • YouTube
    Dominant In Video Search, Now an Acquisition Target?

    The short answer is “yes.” The site — shall we call it the “MySpace” of video
    🙂 — is now the dominant destination for online video search, according to a
    press release out today from Hitwise. YouTube has an almost 50% market
  • Search
    Marketing Growing Rapidly in the U.K.

    A new report from industry analyst firm E-consultancy finds that search
    marketing revenues grew more than 65% in the U.K last year, and that same
    level of growth is on track for 2006. The report also offers interesting
    insights into the division of revenues between PPC and organic SEO, as well as
    insights into how much search marketers are charging for their services. More
    details on the report in today’s SearchDay article, U.K. Search Marketing
    Environment Thriving….
  • MIVA
    Seeing PPCall Monetization Growth

    One of the most interesting elements of the announced eBay-Yahoo! ?alliance?
    today is the potential for ?click to call? and ?pay per phone call? (PPCall).
    These are two distinct things: click to call is a VoIP-based calling
    infrastructure and PPCall is a billing or ad model. They?re related but one
    doesn?t always mean the other. However, in the case of portals and search
    engines ?testing click to call? usually means ?we?re thinking about PPCall.?
    They obviously want to make money from calls; MIVA (though a partnership with
    Ingenio) appears to be doing so. Earlier this month the company reported
  • eBay &
    Yahoo Partner On Graphical Ads, Other Areas

    Everyone is talking about the eBay & Yahoo partnership, where Yahoo will be
    eBay’s exclusive provider of graphical ads and Yahoo will promote eBay’s
    PayPal to its merchants and publishers. Reports via the Washington Post, The
    Street and stress how this poses a threat to Google and
    Microsoft. It is important to note that this partnership is primarily to
    provide graphical ads and click-to-call ads and on a lesser standpoint to
    provide some search ads. The limited search ads are probably because eBay does
    not want to detract visitors from the eBay products and auctions, which is
  • Phil
    Bradley Our New Searching Correspondent; Jennifer Slegg Picks Up Paid Search

    Search Engine Watch has always had two main audiences: search marketers and
    searchers. We want marketers to understand how to reach an audience through
    search engines. Equally important, we want that audience — the searchers —
    to know how to search better and to be kept informed of great new tools and
    features. Having Gary Price on board was a huge help in better serving our
    searcher audience, since his background was as a librarian — you know, those
    human search engines that have helped people for thousands of years. Our
    readers know that Gary left us earlier this year….
  • Google
    Rankings Depend On Data Center, Geographic Location & Personalization

    Aaron Wall has a nice write up on the different ways one searcher can see one
    set up results, compared to a different search seeing a different set up
    results, all for the same search query. Aaron explains that three primary
    things may determine the results sets you see for any particular query. They
    include the search engine data center you hit, the location of your computer
    and if you have personalization preference turned on….

  • Duplicate Content Detection Tool

    I reported this morning about a new tool that checks your site to see how much
    duplicate content like content you have throughout your site. As many of you
    know, duplicate content is a major issue for many SEOs today. This tool will
    hopefully give you the ability to catch any duplicate content issues before
    they become a serious issue. The tool is named Site Wide Duplicate Content

  • Adds Most Popular Links On Home Page announced that they have made the popular page more
    visible by adding the content of the page, in the form of a “hot list” to the home page. So, now when you visit you will see
    “the hotlist” featured with hourly updates from the popular page.
    SEOs & SEMs will soon report how much of an impact this change will have in
    traffic and link bait retrieval, until then, it is hard to know….
  • MSN
    Talking Acquisition With Wireless Ad Provider

    ThreadWatch links to a Wall Street Journal report that shows MSN is in talks
    to buy a wireless ad provider, Third Screen Media. If this acquisition is
    successful, Microsoft can immediately, or almost immediately, begin serving up
    ads on mobile devices and phones….
    Has Sweet Europe Maps With Aerials

    Search Engine Journal reports that has some pretty impressive Europe
    maps, with aerial imagery. Loren Baker links to three examples including
    Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris, France, Houses of Parliament, London and
    even some nice coverage of The Canals of Amsterdam….
  • Google
    Updates Webmaster Quality Guidelines To Include Affiliates

    Google added some lines to the What are Google’s quality guidelines? At the
    top, there is one slight change to the wording, nothing material. But Google
    added two points to the bottom. They added a bullet to the “Quality guidelines
    – specific guidelines and a paragraph at the bottom of the page….
  • Google
    Works With Brazil To Shut Down Orkut Communities

    The Associated Press reports that Google has finally agreed to pull the plug
    on some communities within Orkut, Google’s social networking software. Google
    has specifically agreed to shut down any community that violates Orkut’s terms
    of service. This includes “any illegal or unauthorized purpose” such as;…
  • “Add To
    My Yahoo” Feature Removed From Yahoo SERPs

    I reported at the Search Engine Roundtable that Yahoo seems to have removed
    the “Add To My Yahoo” button from the search results. In the past, when you
    conducted a search at Yahoo and the sites in the results had an RSS feed,
    Yahoo would often enable the searcher to click on a “Add To My Yahoo” link,
    which would place the RSS subscription directly into the registered user’s My
    Yahoo home page. I am not exactly sure when Yahoo removed this feature….
  • New
    Google AdWords Dayparting & Ad Scheduling Coming

    At Search Engine Watch Live in Seattle last week, Lexa Pope from the Google
    AdWords team discussed their new ad scheduling features that will be released
    in a few weeks. The new features will allow advertisers to schedule the ads to
    show on weekends or weekdays only, or on other set days the advertiser
    specifies. Dayparting is also included allowing advertisers to schedule their
    ads during specific hours, such as to run late at night or at lunchtime only.
    Also unusual is the fact that Google AdWords preannounced the new features

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