Daily SearchCast, May 26, 2006: Dell’s Doing Google, Dude; Google Does 50% Of US Searches; Don’t Be Evil? Don’t Make Ballmer Laugh & More!

Today’s search podcast covers Google and Dell sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g.
Well, Dell agreeing that for an undisclosed sum, putting Google software on its
new computers is a good thing, dude. Meanwhile, Google does half the US’s
searches and is sending a new spider after your landing pages, to see if you’re
running a quality ad campaign. YouTube grows and grows in video search, plus
Ballmer laughs and laughs over Don’t Be Evil (ok, just one laugh) and more!
Warning, this episode contains occasional off-the-cuff singing, which might be
harmful to your ears. Sorry, it was a holiday weekend coming up, so I was feelin’
kind of funky.

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Below are links to items discussed:

  • Google &
    Dell Partner: Google Software To Be Installed On Dell PCs

    The Wall Street Journal reports that Dell will be installing Google software
    on “millions of Dell personal computers.” That means software like Google
    Desktop search, the Google Toolbar, and the default search engine will be set
    to Google on these Dell PCs. Google is paying Dell an undisclosed amount for
    this partnership….

  • Dell De-Crapifier Page

    Gets stuff Dell puts on your computer off.
  • NetRatings:
    Google Tops 50 Percent Mark In US Web Searches

    New stats (PDF) out from NetRatings show Google now handles half the web
    searches in the United States:…
  • NetRatings
    Data: The Local Angle

    Danny posted here about April Nielsen//NetRatings data reflecting that Google
    had crossed the 50% threshold in search market share. I want to point to another
    part of the release, which jumped out at me: the Internet driving people to
    local retailers (“big boxes” in this case)….
  • Google
    AdsBot Now Coming To Assess Your Landing Pages, Will Impact Your AdRank

    Google’s rolling out a new system where ad landing pages will be automatically
    spidered by a new AdsBot. The content of landing pages will help determine the
    quality of an ad campaign. That quality score, along with the amount you are
    willing to pay, is then used to determine an ad’s AdRank, the position where an
    ad will appear in the results. A high quality score means you can rank higher
    even if you pay less than others. And not participating in the new spidering
    system can hurt your AdRank….
  • Google
    Dropping Conservative Sites?

    Is Google Dropping Conservative Sites They Disagree With? from Jennifer Laycock
    at Search Engine Guide is an interesting article regarding the possibility that
    Google is dropping sites from their index due to their political content.
    Jennifer has done some excellent digging around into some of the allegations
    surrounding the issue. However, the interesting, larger point is the extent to
    which Google (or indeed any other search engine) has a responsibility to be
    impartial in the information they provide, for financial reasons if no other….
  • New Search
    Patents: May 25, 2006 – Yahoo Units and Microsoft Redundancy Filters

    New patents from this week from Yahoo on indexing by concepts and on uses of
    scripts on different computers to share data between them. Microsoft looks at
    reranking search results based upon redundancy, annotations on web pages, and
    showing web ads based upon a person’s television viewing habits. IBM comes up
    with smarter bookmarks, and Amazon shows smarter search results when a first
    query doesn’t quite work….
  • Travel
    Search Used By Few But Will Grow & Kayak Gets Top Honors In Review

    A new report finds few use travel search engines but that declares the area
    set to grow. Meanwhile, an recent review gives Kayak top honors when pitted
    against some competitors….
  • YouTube
    Dominant In Video Search, Now an Acquisition Target?

    The short answer is “yes.” The site — shall we call it the “MySpace” of video
    🙂 — is now the dominant destination for online video search, according to a
    press release out today from Hitwise. YouTube has an almost 50% market
  • Search
    Marketing Growing Rapidly in the U.K.

    A new report from industry analyst firm E-consultancy finds that search
    marketing revenues grew more than 65% in the U.K last year, and that same
    level of growth is on track for 2006. The report also offers interesting
    insights into the division of revenues between PPC and organic SEO, as well as
    insights into how much search marketers are charging for their services. More
    details on the report in today’s SearchDay article, U.K. Search Marketing
    Environment Thriving….
  • MIVA
    Seeing PPCall Monetization Growth

    One of the most interesting elements of the announced eBay-Yahoo! ?alliance?
    today is the potential for ?click to call? and ?pay per phone call? (PPCall).
    These are two distinct things: click to call is a VoIP-based calling
    infrastructure and PPCall is a billing or ad model. They?re related but one
    doesn?t always mean the other. However, in the case of portals and search
    engines ?testing click to call? usually means ?we?re thinking about PPCall.?
    They obviously want to make money from calls; MIVA (though a partnership with
    Ingenio) appears to be doing so. Earlier this month the company reported
  • AOL Video
    Gets Google Video Promotion

    Way back when Google and AOL cut their partnership deal, AOL was to get
    promotion on Google Video. What, big flashing neon AOL banners? Actually, Google
    said it would be low-key. And that’s pretty much what’s been delivered. Gary
    Price noted earlier this week that a small AOL Video link had been added to the
    reverse bar of the Featured section of Google Video. Look over there on the
    right-hand side. You can’t — well, you can — miss it….
  • Google
    Seeks Employees Through Wired Ad

    Google Ad in Wired from Google Blogoscoped covers Google doing print ads. No,
    not to drum up new users, though it has done some of that before. This time it’s
    to attract employees to work for the company. If you didn’t skip three grades
    and failed to learn Lisp by age 10 like Niniane, there’s no need to apply. Darn,
    and there’s me wasting all that time on Basic at age, um, 13? Well, I can still
    make my name fill the screen of a TRS-80….
  • Ballmer
    On Google And Don’t Be Evil: Laugh & No Comment

    When I asked Barry Diller earlier this year if Ask needed some type of “Don’t
    Be Evil” like Google, his answer got the audience roaring with laughter. “Be
    Evil,” he said, then qualifying that businesses needed to be realistic. Now
    Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer gets to swing at the same question in an interview
    with the San Francisco Chronicle. He basically dodges the question by saying
    Google doesn’t seem to follow it….

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