Daily SearchCast, May 31, 2006: Travelin’ Green With Google, Microsoft Waiting To Advertise , Language Specific SEO, Pay-Per-Call & More!

Today’s search podcast covers Travelin’ green with advice from The Earthday Network and Google, Bill Gates talking about Microsoft’s 5-year battle plan to get users to navigate to them for search (instead of Google) and some nice SEO tips about optimizing using languages outside English. Listen to Daron Babin and Detlev Johnson discuss Google supporting Mozilla Firefox 2.0 with Anti-Phishing technology, and with such strong ties to the Firefox browser, shouldn’t Google just buy Mozilla Corporation? Hear all these stories and much more!

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Below are links to items discussed:

  • Travel Green With Tips From Google
    Promoting companies that offer environmental benefits, Google has partnered with The Earth Day Network to provide Have a Green Summer tips for traveling green. Check out special “tours” using Google technologies that highlight businesses that offer a useful green alternative to the status quo, including an alternative fuel car service out of New York, (I actually used Ozo on a previous trip), and earth friendly fun activities pinpointing parks, links to hiking trails and museums. The tips Google provides are meant to guide searchers and better help those looking for environmentally responsible hotels and accommodations. The tips simply add environmental…
  • Microsoft Patiently Waiting To Advertise
    Marketwatch, reporting from the D4 conference, quotes Bill Gates discussing Google as “very much the leader” contrary to Microsoft having made previous grand statements about matching Google within 6-months far longer ago. Bill Gates announced “it’s a five year battle.” The plan is to get users to navigate to Microsoft search rather than Google. Mocrosoft has invested heavily in search, and search (among other Web services) will see an increase of $2 billion more in investment over the next year than what was initially planned. And when it all comes together, the plan is to spend on advertising to let…
  • Language Specific SEO Advice
    A very well written elaborate (PDF) whitepaper by Huiping Iler explains in great detail what’s involved, and most of the difficulties, with search engine rankings outside English. Consider that users are faced with filters, radio buttons and other obstacles during the search process, and you can picture what must be done to establish visibility with your target audience. Consider the facts pointed out by Iler, such as 60% of searches are performed in languages other than English, English has approximately 500,000 words, compared with French having approximately 300,000 and all forms of Chinese combined characters amount to approximately 50,000. One…
  • Google Anti-Phishing Will Be Part Of Firefox 2.0
    While Microsoft makes the dominant Internet Explorer 7 which will be bundled with Vista, Google has strong ties to the upstart Firefox browser, employing key developers and supporting Firefox with a search affiliate deal worth 10’s of millions of dollars. Both browsers will have state of the art anti-phishing capability, protecting users from online scams that steal identities among other crimes. Google collects an online list of phishing sites to help alert users of the Google Toolbar, and the same technology is planned to provide Firefox 2.0’s Safe Browsing features. Firefox has approximately 20% of the browser market share and…
  • Redfin Gets Funding and Prepares to Go National
    Seattle-based Redfin.com was one of the first real estate ?mashups? to employ a map interface as a primary navigation tool for real-estate search. The site was quickly joined by other real-estate mashups, HousingMaps.com (the early poster child for mashups), HomePages.com, Trulia and, more recently, Zillow….
  • Pay-Per-Call Looking For Ways To Grow
    The Pay-Per-Call industry has a number of folks that assumed far faster growth than what has realized to date. Looking for ways to get more advertisers participating, the companies that offer Pay-Per-Call advertising are posturing and making deals with mobile search service providers to expand inventory. Search users are also slow to adopt mobile search, although acceptance of mobile, especially with local mobile search for travelers, is probably a mere matter of time and excellent small screen device options. Pay-Per-Call advertising networks hooking up with mobile search providers makes a lot of sense, since the small screen device people will…

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