Daily SearchCast, June 1, 2006: New Online Ad Spending Record, Offline Print Ads Disappoint, Ask Debuts Impressive Blog Search, Clickfraud, The Google settlement And Much & More!

Today’s search podcast covers record new online ad spending while offline print ads disappoint, Ask launches impressive blog search with preview feature, a new AdSense API and Google Base used to generate Froogle feeds. Listen in as we talk about clickfraud, the Google settlement and much more!

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Below are links to items discussed:

  • Record New Online Ad Spend
    The latest figures from PricewaterhouseCoopers and the IAB shows another quarter of tremendous growth in online ad spending. By now it has reached just about double the spend during the year 2000 before the tumble. Inside the numbers, search is going to be a fraction of that total spend since media placement with banners, email and affiliate marketing also are represented in “online ad spend” figures. Online ad spending shifted since the year 2000, to a better portion of it ending up with search than ever before. Tim Beyers of The Motley Fool helps us do the numbers with respect…
  • Offline Print Ad Experiment Disappointed Google
    During an investor call held yesterday, Google’s Jonathan Rosenberg mentioned the experiment in print ads “probably hasn’t taken off as fast as we would like.” The plan for future success is to seek the right combination of ideas with producers of magazines to find the format that can work. Eric Schmidt commented that it took several years for the successful model to crystalize online, and he is not detered from further development of offline print ad experimenting….
  • Ask Launches Blog & Feed Search
    Nearly a year after acquiring Bloglines, Ask has rolled out a new blog & feed search that combines the best aspects of its web search engine with the intelligence it has gained from the thousands of Bloglines users who read blogs on a daily basis. The result is a terrific new search tool for the blogosphere?one that will appeal to heavy feed readers and casual searchers alike. More on the new service in today’s SearchDay article, Ask Debuts Blog & Feed Search….
  • Yahoo Video Allows Uploads & Sharing

    Yahoo Video, previously offering content found only by crawling the web, now has changed to also allow uploads from content owners, similar to services that YouTube and Google Video offer. I’m away at our SES London show, so I can’t take a longer look at the service now. Instead, TechCrunch has a short review here and the press release is below. TechCrunch is disappointed that the product isn’t integrated into Flickr. Putting video into Flickr is something that Yahoo’s debating, they told me when I talked with them about upcoming changes last month. However, there’s a concern that it might…
  • AdSense API Launched for Developers
    Developers with 100,000+ daily page views and users contributing content will now be able to offer a “one stop shop” for their content creators to sign up for AdSense while allowing developers to integrate and optimize their AdSense ads for them. And while doing so, developers could be eligible to earn not only a $100 referral bounty, but also a 15% revenue share which would be paid directly by Google….
  • MSN adLab Launches With a Variety of Keyword Tools
    MSN first announced adLab back in January, but it has now been made available to everyone (in beta) with a wide variety of interesting keyword tools for advertisers and marketers. They have launched with 11 demos, broken down into areas Paid Search, Contextual Advertising, Behavior Targeting and Emerging Markets….
  • Google Base Absorbs Froogle Feeds; Other Submission Systems Remain Independent
    When I was at Google last this month, I got an update on Google Base for a forthcoming article. One of the things I was told was that Google Base was now the preferred way for merchants to submit content to Froogle. Really? Then why was Google still telling people on the Froogle site still to submit Froogle feeds? That oversight has now been corrected. As Garett Rogers notes, the feed submission mechanism formerly in the Google Merchant Center has now been replaced with Google Base submissions. Garett also highlights specific help pages about the change here. The consolidation is…
  • Google Settlement: Online Merchant Opting Out
    The unfolding story of Radiator.com starts as the company began spending $1,000 per month on search ads, and grew the spend up to $20,000 at which point Google wrote a case study to help promote AdWords. Since they are reportedly a mid-sized company that “lives on data,” there came a time to analyze the effectiveness of the campaign. They found that between Yahoo! and Google they were not turning a profit, and much of the problem was easily discovered as buying broad terms that stood little chance of converting. But it didn’t end there. Analyzing the data, an outside firm…

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