Search Headlines & Links: June 5, 2006

Below, a recap of stories posted today to the Search Engine Watch Blog, along
with other items we’ve spotted but not blogged separately:

From The SEW Blog…

  • Windows
    Live Mail’s Active Search: Gmail-Like Contextual Ads Next To Your Mail

    Two years ago, Gmail launched with the idea of showing ads contextually based
    on your email. Soon after, the shit hit the fan, with one California state
    senator even backing a special anti-Gmail law that failed to pass. Fast
    forward to last week, with Microsoft rolling out Active Search within Windows
    Live Mail. Just like Gmail, it will deliver ads based on what you’re reading.
    Unlike Gmail, there’s been no privacy freakout that I’ve seen….
  • Google
    Stops New Ranking Lawuit With Anti-SLAPP Threat; Previous KinderStart Suit
    Continues Despite This

    Google Avoids Another Lawsuit Over Rankings (For Now)–Roberts v. Google from
    Eric Goldman at his Technology & Marketing Law Blog looks at how a case
    involving rankings on Google got dismissed before going to trial, thanks in
    large part to a counter-suit that Google threatened….
  • A
    Current List Of Google’s Robots

    What Bots Does Google Have These Days? from Ben Pfeiffer on my Search Engine
    Roundtable blog lists the names of the current spiders/robots/bots Google has
    roaming the web. The list includes the classic web spider Googlebot, the
    AdSense spider MediaBot, Google’s image spider ImageBot, the AdWords spider
    AdsBot, Google’s RSS feed spider Feedfetcher-Google, and Googlebot-Mobile for
    the spiders that go mobile. It’s a great short post by Ben while I was

  • MerchantCircle: SEO-Friendly Services for Small Businesses

    What is MerchantCircle you ask? It?s an online ?marketing solution? for U.S.
    small businesses. Depending on your definition, that category could include
    anywhere from 10 million to 17 million or so entities. Like many others,
    MerchantCircle takes aim at the yellow pages services market and hopes to lure
    local advertisers with a range of cost-effective offerings: a rich, structured
    landing page, blog, newsletters, online couponing and search-marketing. There
    are two packages: $29 per month and $99 per month, beyond a limited free
    offering. The site is not a consumer destination, but a hosted platform
    intended to help businesses be found…
  • UK
    Journalists Boycott Yahoo Services

    America’s Network reports that journalists in the UK are set to boycott
    Yahoo’s services and products. The boycott is in protest of how Yahoo has
    handled some matters in China, such as allegations that the yahoo sent
    information about journalists to the Chinese authorities….
  • Yahoo’s
    CEO Terry Semel’s Salary Adjusted To One Dollar

    Bloomberg reports that Yahoo CEO Terry Semel will soon be earning a base
    salary of $1 per year. The rest of his income will come from a bonus and
    retention plan with options for nine million shares. Last year, Semel earned
    $600,000 as a base salary. The change to taking only $1 has him joining the
    "low" base salary ranks of Google’s two cofounder Larry Page and Sergey Brin
    and CEO Eric Schmidt….
  • How To
    Contact Yahoo Search

    Last week, Yahoo posted helpful contact information at the Yahoo Search blog.
    Yahoo has a new contact form that can be accessed at
    and completed to submit feedback and questions to Yahoo. In addition, Yahoo
    improved the Yahoo Search Help section and also posted a useful Webmaster
    Resources section….
  • Google
    Testing Expandable "More Google" Links On Home Page & More

    Philipp Lenssen reports that Google has been testing an expandable "More you
    can do with Google" link on the home page….
  • Kozoru
    Opens Public Beta Testing Of Byoms

    Kozoru opens public beta testing of byoms (build your own mobile search)
    today. I mentioned this was coming last week. Today, I’ve spent some time
    exploring some of the byoms that are available, and creating my own. I found
    the system easy to use, reasonably intuitive, fast and generally effective. As
    a searcher, it’s going to be something that will be a useful addition to the
    search tools available; both the ready made byoms and more importantly those
    that you make yourself….

Other Things We Read, Didn’t Blog But You Might Want To Read…

(Note: as I was away last week, there’s a longer-than-normal list as I
cleared out some things from my feeds and news sources)

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