Googlebowling A Reality?

Googlebowling is a term used to describe the method of knocking out a page from the Google search results. Googlebowling is conducted by linking to a particular site from sites within bad neighborhoods. Rand over at posted recent information he learned about Googlebowling while at SES London a week ago.

To successfully deploy Googlebowling, Rand writes that you need to “use patterns that would show that the site has ‘participated’ in [a spammy linking] program.”

Specifically, this means you would point spammy links at the places the site you are targeting links to. If this is implemented properly and the site you are targeting is not a super authority, the site may be penalized for a long time. Note that the advice here is given not to encourage Googlebowling but to help people understand how it might be possible to impact their own sites.

Rand continues to explain that if a site is Googlebowled, you most likely will want to start fresh and drop the site that was penalized completely. I have discussed Googlebowling a few times at the Search Engine Roundtable. Two entries I would like to point out are:

+ Google Bowling For Dollars by Chris Boggs
+ Google Bowling Supporters Thread by myself

So can other people hurt your rankings? Can other links hurt you? Some think they can, but some such at Google itself say they cannot.

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