French Lawsuit Over Google Book Search

French publisher sues Google for piracy
from AFP and French book publisher sues Google from the BBC cover how a French
publishing group becomes the third to sue Google over its book scanning program.
La Martiniere alleges the indexing project violates copyright.
Association of
American Publishers Sues Google over Library Digitization Plan
Google’s Library
Scanning Project Heads to Court
(action by the Authors Guild) covers the two
other suits that I know of, which we’ve blogged about before.

Postscript: Google
argues with U.K. publishers over digital libraries
from covers
publishers in the UK making new attacks against the program. The
Publishers Association trots out the
usual argument that scanning to index is the same as copying to reprint and that
permission should be required.

The group’s web site, it should be noted, has
919 pages listed
in Google, all of which are protected by copyright, all of which Google and
other search engines index without explicit permission — and all of which the
group apparently doesn’t object to, since it doesn’t seem to have banned
indexing using a robots.txt file (the site is down, so I can’t verify this first
hand — but the pages really are unlikely to be listed if this were the case).
But do the same thing with a print book — copy for indexing purposes rather
than reprinting — and suddenly, that’s infringement. Well, the courts will sort
it out.

Indexing Versus
Caching & How Google Print Doesn’t Reprint
Once Again — The
Difference Between Google Print & Google Library
are two key articles from
me that examine the issues above in much more depth.

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