Yahoo! Shopping Launches Blog

Chris Saito announced the launch of the Yahoo! Shopping Blog at Internet Retailer 2006 yesterday.

While I wasn’t at the conference, Chris filled me in, saying the blog is a great way to merchandise products, drive engagement (subscribe through RSS, build loyalty, etc.), and drive transactions. The blog will get more promotion on Yahoo! Shopping over time. There will be 4-5 people contributing (David Beach and Joe Lazarus have each contributed thus far).

In the inaugural post, Beach explained ?The Yahoo! Shopping Blog does not allow advertisers or sponsors to influence editorial decisions in the creation of blog posts. We just like to find good things so you can find them too.? Today’s find? The Skyrail Marble Roller Coaster.

Last week I wrote about the opportunity for shopping comparison engines to blog, highlighting smart, informative, and irreverant blogs like’s Sparkle Like The Stars, Glam’s What’s Haute, and EvoGear’s Mugatu Says.

Email newsletters are great marketing tools, but there are many benefits to blogs. Nathan Decker, EvoGear’s Director of Ecommerce explained “the company’s blogs allow us to communicate the flavor of our company (anti-notfunny & authenticity / credibility), feed qualified traffic to Evogear, and give various solid team members a side project to leverage creativity and talent.

Other shopping comparison engine blogs include Become’s Pocket Change, mySimon’s Shopping Picks, and’s Off The Rack.

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