Family-Friendly In-Game Ads

left_behind_left_logo.jpgCan cutting-edge advertising and Christian values coexist? They do in a new deal between Left Behind Games, which creates PC games based on the popular “Left Behind” book series, and in-game ad firm Double Fusion. The deal has Double Fusion serving and selling ads which will appear on billboards in the game’s New York City location. Product placements are also a part of the agreement. The “Left Behind” books and games take place in a post-Apocalyptic world.

“We love the idea of the video screens in Times Square displaying current advertising, actually contributing to the realism that gamers expect to see in a pseudo-futuristic New York City,” said Troy Lyndon, CEO and co-founder of Left Behind Games, in the press release. “We selected Double Fusion because of their relationships with ad agencies worldwide, advertising industry knowledge and because of their willingness to make a commitment to support our family-friendly views when choosing advertisers.”

So if your product doesn’t philosophically fit into car-stealing shoot-em-up games, here’s an alternative.

Press release is here

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