Lawsuit Over Killed Anti-China Ad On Google

Sued for Allegedly Refusing Anti-China Ad
at Wired News covers a lawsuit
filed against Google after it refused to carry ads from activist Christopher
Langdon protesting against the Chinese government.

You’ll find the lawsuit
here. I
skimmed it very, very quickly. The key part is this:

Google’s rejection of all three of my ads denied my rights of free speech
and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

In other words, Langdon is claiming constructional protection to say what he
wants on Google. It’s not going to happen. Google has no requirement to print
what he wants or carry his ads any more than a newspaper might. The public
forum/public property argument he makes won’t hold up, I’d say.

The courts will decide, of course. I suspect he’ll lose, but it will
certainly focus renewed attention on Google’s ad policies that he dislikes.

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