Search Headlines & Links: June 9, 2006

Below, a recap of stories posted today to the Search Engine Watch Blog, along
with other items we’ve spotted but not blogged separately:

From The SEW Blog…

  • Daily
    SearchCast, June 9, 2006: How The ODP Sends Sites Back In Time In Major Search
    Engines; Google, Your TV Companion; The World Cup Cometh To Search & More!

    Today’s search podcast covers the use of Open Directory information making
    more sites seem outdating in major search engines; Google listening to your TV
    and perhaps making ads and info show up on your computer screen in the future;
    the World Cup hits search and more!
  • Google
    Founder “Ron Google” Helps Jessica Alba At MTV Movie Awards

    Via Valleywag, this clip from last night’s MTV Movie Awards shows Jessica Alba
    having “Ron Google,” the inventor of Google, comment on if she’s really that
    popular. The camera zooms in on Seth Rogen in the audience as someone who has
    looked for her 10,000 times. And that mustache on Ron Google — clearly it’s
    the new home of The Captain mustache, back on sale at eBay and featured on the
    faces of a number of people search marketers at the bottom of the page….
  • Search
    Forums Roundup: June 9, 2006

    Today’s SearchDay, Search Engine Forums Spotlight, features our weekly links
    to this week’s hot topics from search engine forums across the web: What Top 5
    Skills Would You Study to Become a Better SEO? – Brin Says Google Compromised
    Principles – Is Reciprocal Linking Dead – June 2006: Start of the Traditional
    Summer Slump, and more….
  • MSN
    Windows Live Launches News & Local Live Answers

    The MSN Search blog announced that MSN Search now supports news specific and
    local specific “live answers.” What that means is if you do a search on
    something news related like, george bush at, you will get news
    related results at the top. Same deal with local specific searches such as,
    edison, nj dentist. Google, Yahoo and all have this type of

  • Microsoft Expands Windows Live Book Search With Two Universities & Submission

    Microsoft announced that the University of California and University of
    Toronto Libraries will be participating in the Windows Live Book Search
    program. Both the universities will be digitizing “primarily out-of-copyright
    books” for Microsoft. In addition, Microsoft plans on making it easier for
    publishers to submit content for inclusion in the Windows Live Book Search
    index. will be expanded within a few weeks to
    accept submissions in both digital and printed form….
  • Brands,
    Search and Local

    ClickZ local columnist Phil Stelter wrote a piece this week about brands
    taking notice of local search. Geotargeting online is something that all
    brands are waking up to and will need to address. Like all politics, most
    spending is local; 97% of consumer buying behavior still happens offline,
    despite the impressive growth of e-commerce. But the Internet’s and search’s
    influence over that offline spending increases daily. Tracking that growth and
    a true picture of consumer behavior is what prompted comScore to launch
    qSearch Retail this week. (On a related note, ClickZ’s Kevin Lee has a nice
    article on search, multi-channel…
  • “Gnomedex
    2002” On Google Shows Again The Need For Webmaster Control Over Titles &

    We’ve written before about the need for search engines to give webmasters more
    control over their titles and descriptions. Today, I came across another good
    example illustrating why this is needed — Google telling me that Chris
    Pirillo’s popular Gnomedex event is happening in 2002, as you see in the
    screenshot above….
  • Google
    Paper Explains Listening To Your TV Can Help It Put Ads & Info On Your

    There are many people discussing a recent award Google was awarded for picking
    up on ambient audio from your TV and pairing those sounds to your computer to
    serve up ads based on what you are watching (or something like that). Google
    Research Scientists, Michele Covell & Shumeet Baluja, described the technology
  • Google
    Video Movers & Shakers (AKA Zeitgeist)

    David Krane posted that Google Video launched a new feature named Movers &
    Shakers. The Movers & Shakers feature is a page that shows you the most
    popular videos at Google Video. You can filter by which videos are most
    popular by country….
  • World
    Cup: Google Does The Logo Thing; Yahoo & Ask Have Smart Shortcuts

    Google’s sporting a special World Cup-version of its logo in honor of the
    start of the World Cup today, while Yahoo and Ask are offering special results
    that come up after World Cup-related searches. A round-up of what’s going on,

Other Things We Read, Didn’t Blog But You Might Want To Read…

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