Robert Scoble Departs Microsoft To Startup Podtech

Blogvangelist Robert Scoble is
leaving Microsoft to work for start-up
Robert’s not been tied into the Microsoft search efforts, but he has commented
publicly on them on many occasions, providing an unofficial voice in the way
he’s done on many things Microsoft. His departure certainly is a PR blow to

Robert Scoble leaving Microsoft for a Silicon Valley startup
from Niall
Kennedy is a nice, short rundown on the news. Niall was a recent PR
win for
Microsoft in terms of bloggers, so perhaps he’ll benefit from Robert’s

Microsoft’s top blogger Robert Scoble is leaving
from Silicon Valley Watcher
has the first news on Robert leaving. Robert himself has thoughts up in

Correcting the Record about Microsoft

Podtech, FYI, is down both for me and Barry, probably under the traffic for
everyone checking it out. That’s not a good sign, though I’m sure they’ll

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