SimplyHired Powers MySpace Jobs

A number of people have talked about the potential power of MySpace getting into search. Well, the company put its toes in the water this morning with the launch of MySpace Jobs, powered by SimplyHired.

Back in April, SimplyHired raised $13.5m from Fox Interactive Media (FIM), MySpace’s parent company. At that time, Ross Levinsohn, FIM’s president joined the SimplyHired Board.

When I was first briefed on this story, SimplyHired gave me a run down of the MySpace numbers, saying that the site had 76m members with 42m unique users a month. Well, my ‘network’ is now up to 84m people, so I’d guess that the uniques number has risen too. As for the demographics on MySpace, the core user group is 16-34 years old, a demo ripe for summer internships, first jobs, and new jobs…all available through SimplyHired’s 5m+ job listings.

At launch, MySpace Jobs is focusing on summer jobs, highlighting examples like Lifeguards, Camp Couselor, and retail positions at Gap and Abercrombie.

Also featured on the MySpace Jobs page is the always irreverant SimplyFired, which is giving away an Xbox 360 to the best summer job sob story.

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