Search Headlines & Links: June 13, 2006

Below, a recap of stories posted today to the Search Engine Watch Blog, along
with other items we’ve spotted but not blogged separately:

From The SEW Blog…

  • MySpace
    Looking To Auction Search To Google, Microsoft or Yahoo

    We heard last month that MySpace is interested in partnering with Google or
    Microsoft. Now Yahoo appears to be in the running. MySpace-owner News Corp’s
    Chief Operating Officer Peter Chermin said today MySpace plans to “auction off
    our search business of of the three biggest, Google, Yahoo and MSN, and see
    the best we can get.” I thought Yahoo was already powering the results at
    MySpace, since you can see Yahoo results coming up when you search over there.
    This Reuters article mentions the same. But Yahoo tells me that’s not the
    case. It’s a Yahoo partner, Revenue Science, that’s…
  • Yamanner
    Worm Targets Yahoo Mail Users reports on a Yahoo Mail worm named Yamanner that comes in the form
    of an email named “New Graphic Site.” When you open the email, it infects your
    computer and spreads the worm to your Yahoo Mail address book….

  • Searching for a Place to Live, Part 2

    SEW correspondent Greg Sterling continues his roundup of a number of the most
    popular new real estate search verticals in today’s SearchDay article, A Real
    Estate Vertical Search Roundup….
  • A Look
    At 20 Googlers Via Orkut

    Philipp Lenssen complied a list of 20 Googler Orkut profiles. Orkut is
    Google’s social networking software, and many Googlers have profiles and
    accounts with Orkut. Some of the 20 compiled by Philipp include; Sergey Brin,
    Adam Bosworth, Jeff Huber, David Krane, Marissa Mayer and more. Nice work!…
  • Yahoo
    Answers Launches “Ask the Planet 2006” Campaign

    Yahoo Answers has launched a new promotional campaign named Ask the Planet
    2006. The Yahoo Answers blog describes how this feature will work; Each
    weekday a new category will be featured, and each one will be accompanied by a
    question asked by a notable celebrity, expert, or even a featured user. For
    each best answer you receive in the category of the day you will get one entry
    for a chance to win the prize for the day. The full press release can be found
    here and if you want to see the big brain in times square check out…
  • Google
    Earth: An Emerging ‘Geobrowser’

    I often hear people say about Google, “Other than search it’s just a bunch of
    ‘me-too’ products.” Whether or not you agree, you have to admit that in the
    case of Earth and Maps that’s clearly not true. Although maps have become an
    important “battleground” in the so-called “search wars,” it’s an area where
    Google has clearly innovated with its developer tools and user experience.
    There were a number of technical things about the new Google Earth rollout
    yesterday that went over my head; I’m not a developer and I was in a room of
    developers and engineers who were…
  • New
    Flavor Of Expand & Collapse Results

    Back in April, Google was testing expand and collapse results that contained
    more detailed information about a site when expanded. Then, Google used an
    arrow to expand and collapse the results. New details, I reported at the
    Search Engine Roundtable this morning, shows screen captures of Google now
    testing a similar expand and collapse feature, but this time with using plus
    and minus signs. You can see an image at the Search Engine Roundtable. Want to
    discuss? Join our forum thread named Plus button for more info on results….
  • Search
    Companies Energetically Seeking Electricity

    The Wall Street Journal reports that the search companies, including
    Microsoft, Yahoo, Ask and possibly Google are looking to find cheap
    electricity to power all the computers and hardware that power the companies.
    The article says that one large data center can use as much energy as a city
    of 40,000 people! The search companies are looking for locations next to cheap
    energy sources such as former defense bunkers, near hydroelectric plants, and
    other locations where electricity is cheaper. Microsoft’s data center
    consumption of power doubled over the past four years, so this is a serious
    concern for Microsoft and…

  • Duplicate Content Solutions

    Yesterday, Bill Slawski wrote about some of the issues with duplicate content
    and how it can hurt your rankings. Todd Malicoat (aka Stuntdubl) followed up
    Bill’s analysis with some solutions for duplicate content issues. The
    combination of Bill’s and Todd’s posts make for the most recent and
    comprehensive duplicate content guide I have possibly ever seen. Both are
    worth a read: + Duplicate Content Issues and Search Engines by Bill Slawski +
    How to Remedy Duplicate Content and Magical % Thinking by Todd Malicoat…

  • Submitting Your News Site To Google News

    Google News can drive a nice amount of traffic to a site. A few months ago, I
    had the privilege of having my site included in Google News. Since then others
    have been asking the question, how can I get my news site included in Google
    News? This morning, I did my best to answer the question with a post named
    Getting Into Google News Revisited. I outlined the technical requirements, the
    editorial requirements and what you can do to encourage Google to accept you
    into Google News. If you are interested in Google News inclusion, check it
  • Tips On
    Across The Engines Ranking From SEO Book

    People are beginning to remember again that there are search engines beyond
    Google. This reawakening is one reason why I added the Can You Please Them
    All? session to our upcoming Search Engine Strategies San Jose show next
    August. Aaron Wall over at SEO Book has also clearly seen the renewed interest
    in pleasure more than Google. Out today is his excellent Google vs Yahoo! vs
    MSN Search: Defining Search Engine Relevancy piece today….
  • Google
    Earth Won’t Have Distribution Blocked

    Google Earth is out in a new version with new features, as Greg Sterling will
    be detailing more on the blog later today. But meanwhile, Google escapes
    having an injunction against the software. Judge won’t block distribution of
    Google Earth from covers how Google is being sued by Skyline Software
    Systems over a patent dispute on terrain mapping. The judge in the case has
    denied a preliminary injunction request to block downloads of Google Earth….

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