Minority Report-Like Interactive Google Earth

our SEW Forums, a great find. Check out this
showing how PhD candidate Edward Tse of the Mitsubishi
Electric Research Labs at
the University of Calgary rigged Google Earth into an interactive tabletop


The video shows how using your hands, you can spin the world, zoom in, give
it voice commands like "fly to boston" that flies you there within Google Earth and

Expect a Google job offer to be coming, Edward. Expect that tabletop display to
be showing up in the Googleplex, which has been woefully lacking in cool stuff
for visitors lately.

The Google search query display in the lobby, the
map showing
search activity around the world, the lava lamps, the white board with the
Google Master Plan (see
here and
here). Old news. Besides, you
can interactively play Warcraft III on the table, as well.

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