Daily SearchCast, June 14, 2006: MySpace To Auction Search Traffic; Google Picasa Gets Photo Sharing; NY State Says Shame On Google Video; Is That Google Earth In My Coffee Table? & More!

Today’s search podcast covers MySpace planning to auction its search traffic;
Google’s Picasa getting web albums; New York State raps Google over its video
content and children; Google not obeying the noindex stop sign?; an interactive
table lets you control Google Earth with your hands and more!

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Below are links to items discussed:

  • MySpace
    Looking To Auction Search To Google, Microsoft or Yahoo

    We heard last month that MySpace is interested in partnering with Google or
    Microsoft. Now Yahoo appears to be in the running. MySpace-owner News Corp’s
    Chief Operating Officer Peter Chermin said today MySpace plans to “auction off
    our search business of of the three biggest, Google, Yahoo and MSN, and see
    the best we can get.” I thought Yahoo was already powering the results at
    MySpace, since you can see Yahoo results coming up when you search over there.
    This Reuters article mentions the same. But Yahoo tells me that’s not the
    case. It’s a Yahoo partner, Revenue Science, that’s…
  • Google
    Introduces Picasa Web Albums

    Google has enhanced its desktop-based Picasa photo organizing program by
    offering users the ability to upload albums and easily share photos with
    others. Picasa Web Albums is launching as a limited test that will be
    available only to existing Gmail users on a first-come, first-served basis?if
    you want to try the service, you should act quickly to try to secure your
  • No
    Privacy for Picasa Web Albums
    , Google Blogoscoped

  • Google finally puts Picasa albums on the Web
    , News.com

  • Picasa Web Albums: First Impressions
    , InsideGoogle
  • Google
    Images Home Page Design Test

    Philipp Lenssen has screen captures of an other new search interface design,
    this time being test on Google Images. The test is running a vertical
    navigation of Google’s other properties either on the left hand side or
    directly above the search box. The one directly above the search box looks
    awkward to me….
  • New York
    State Sends Warning On Google Video Service

    ResourceShelf notes a Red Herring article about the New York State Consumer
    Protection Board (CPB) warning parents about Google Video. The warning
    discussed that Google Video enables children to “easily access and view videos
    with sexual themes and off-color material” all for free. ResourceShelf also
    notes that the only video service mentioned in this warning is Google Video,
    not YouTube or Yahoo Video….
  • Google
    Not Obeying NoIndex Meta Tag?

    I reported at the Search Engine Roundtable that Google.com Displaying Pages in
    Index with NoIndex Meta Tags. The details come from a WebmasterWorld thread
    where two members I would trust claim Google is not obeying the noindex meta
    tag. Currently, I have no evidence, since examples are not allowed at
    WebmasterWorld. If you have examples of this in action, please let us know by
    starting a thread in our Google Web Search Forum at Search Engine Watch
  • A Look
    At Google’s Oregon Operation & Yahoo Leaves Pasadena

    Niall Kennedy summarizes a NY Times article about Google’s Oregon center and
    Yahoo and Microsoft’s exploration in areas like that. The Google Oregon center
    would be one of the largest data centers, taking up about two football fields.
    The NY Times article also estimated Google having “450,000 servers spread over
    at least 25 locations around the world.” Microsoft with an estimated 200,000
    servers is expected to grow to 800,000 by 2011. Yahoo is on the move as well,
    moving to Burbank by end of June. There is no doubt that energy costs will be
    on the mind of these search…
  • Japan To
    Build Own Search Engine With 30 Japanese Companies & Government Help

    The Mainichi Daily show that Japan is going to be building out their own
    search engine after conducting a focus group on the idea. Thirty organizations
    in Japan and the University of Tokyo will be working to develop the Japanese
    based search engine. Part of the group includes big brands such as Hitachi,
    Fujitsu and Nippon. The Japanese government plans on providing a subsidy for
    the project. Why? “Many people in Japan fear that the domination of the three
    firms will prevent Japanese companies from entering the market.” The European
    Union, led by France, is doing something very similar….
  • Searcher
    Behavior Update

    Search marketing has evolved from relatively simple optimization of web pages
    into a more sophisticated process involving a number of variables. Apart from
    tactical maneuvers with SEO or PPC campaigns, savvy search marketers are
    increasingly trying to understand searcher behavior, and attempting to
    proactively anticipate user needs. More and more research is providing hard
    data to support these efforts, writes Grant Crowell in today’s SearchDay
    article, Understanding Searcher Behavior….

  • Forecasted Online Ad Spend Is Corrected Upwards

    Search is winning the hearts and minds of marketing managers across the US,
    (and this is good news for search worldwide). Brand managers that tend to buy
    display advertising more readily will continue to be a tough sell for search,
    but that may be its only limitation. TNS Media Intelligence (which tracks
    online display advertising spend) has increased their forecast for 2006. This
    is a 4% correction from their earlier estimated growth, (and bucks the hold
    pattern or downward trend for other forms of advertising). The company cited
    earlier estimates as far too conservative after tracking faster than expected

  • Clickbot.A Click Fraud Network Dismantled

    ClickZ reports that the Clickbot.A virus that infected 34,000 machines (last
    report more than 50,000 PCs) and auto clicked on an unknown amount of PPC ads,
    has been shut down. Panda Software and RSA Security worked together to
    dismantle the virus. Read the full details over at Panda Software….
  • New
    Public Link Spam Exploits

    Peter Da Vanzo has posted information on XSS Redirects & SEO. Peter linked to
    two documented methods of exploiting comments and links at blogs and other
    sites. The two links include; XSS and Redirection Attacks, which makes for a
    nice and interested educational read and Moveable Type Backlink Exploit that
    makes me a little depressed (running MovableType and all). Point being? The
    nofollow attribute, created to slow down link spam, has not worked, IMO, I
    actually had to pull comments and trackbacks completely from my blog after 3
    years of them being enabled. Sad….
  • Looking
    At Links After Looking At Patents

    I know, I know. Everyone everywhere is running SEO interviews with everyone.
    But Bill Slawski Interview over at SEO Buzz Box is well worth a read. Aaron
    Pratt’s got a great set of questions that he puts to Bill, who in turn has
    very clear, good responses that show how the original Google notion of links
    as votes has become complicated for both Google and search marketers….

  • Searching for a Place to Live, Part 2

    SEW correspondent Greg Sterling continues his roundup of a number of the most
    popular new real estate search verticals in today’s SearchDay article, A Real
    Estate Vertical Search Roundup….

  • Microsoft ‘Mix-ins’ vs. Google Mashups

    Steven Lawler of Microsoft didn’t directly mention Google by name, but many of
    his comments this morning at Where2.0 were directed toward differentiating
    Microsoft’s Virtual Earth platform and Windows Live Local’s consumer
    destination from the company’s chief online rival. As part of his very
    accelerated presentation (15 minutes) he said that Microsoft’s goal is to
    “leverage local information on a global basis” through a mapping interface.
    That’s very much like the message Google presented yesterday….
  • Minority
    Report-Like Interactive Google Earth

    Via our SEW Forums, a great find. Check out this video showing how PhD
    candidate Edward Tse of the Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs at the
    University of Calgary rigged Google Earth into an interactive tabletop
    display:  …
  • A Look
    At 20 Googlers Via Orkut

    Philipp Lenssen complied a list of 20 Googler Orkut profiles. Orkut is
    Google’s social networking software, and many Googlers have profiles and
    accounts with Orkut. Some of the 20 compiled by Philipp include; Sergey Brin,
    Adam Bosworth, Jeff Huber, David Krane, Marissa Mayer and more. Nice work!…

  • Googlers’ Orkut profiles: The better parts
    , Valleywag

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