Search Headlines & Links: June 15, 2006

Below, a recap of stories posted today to the Search Engine Watch Blog, along
with other items we’ve spotted but not blogged separately:

From The SEW Blog…

  • Specialty Search Roundup #3

    From Traffic Cams to Digitizing to the Kennedy Library to Archival Records: A
    Selection of Specialty Database via ResourceShelf Yes it’s time once again for
    a Gary Price, specialty search database and portal roundup. Here’s a look at a
    few recent postings that he published on ResourceShelf. Real Time Data:
    TrafficLand Continues to Expand, Aggregating Traffic Cams Around the Nation
    Cool! ResourceShelf real time compilation continues. Future Projects: Plans to
    Digitize Entire Contents of John F. Kennedy Library Announced Business:
    Entrepreneurship Research Portal from the E.W. Kauffman Foundation U.S.
    Congress: Congressional Documents Online ?The Rutgers – Camden School of
  • Daily
    SearchCast, June 15, 2006: You Got Digg In My Netscape; When NYT Met SEO;
    Google’s New US Government Search; Searching For Products By Color & More!

    Today’s search podcast covers Netscape transforming into a Digg-like community
    news site; the New York Times and its industrial-strength search engine
    optimization work; Google relaunches its US government search service;
    searching for products by color and more!
  • Yahoo
    Asks Web Searchers How Clean Are The Search Results

    Gary Price captured a screen shot of Yahoo polling search users on how clean
    the Yahoo search results page looks. The question asked is "How clean and
    uncluttered do you find this page?" With a five point scale, 1 being cluttered
    and 5 being clean. View the full screen capture by clicking here….
  • The
    Dilbert Google Logo Story

    Remember the Google Dilbert logos? If you do, and you want to read the story
    behind it, check out Doug Edwards’ post at Xooglers. Doug also notes some
    controversy over Google selling coffee mugs (Danny’s posted pictures of one
    here) with the Dilbert logo. You can see the old story about Google on at from May 20, 2002. Edwards begins the tale of Google logo
    changes here and talks at the end about how recently the Dilbert strip poked
    fun at Google. The story of Google and Dilbert continues to this second
    installment, ending with today’s post….
  • Google’s
    UK Chief Kate Burns Leaving For More Family Time

    Last time I saw Kate Burns last year, she was about six months pregnant. Now
    Google managing director of UK, Benelux and Ireland is leaving the company to
    spend more time with that growing family. Best of luck, Kate! More details in
    Burns set to leave Google director role from Brand Republic….
  • MSN’s
    Hand Crafted Results

    "MSN Hiring People to Hand Code SERPS" at SEO Blackhat is a nice catch from
    the MSN Search jobs page talking about needing people to help hand-craft
    results. Philipp Lenssen at Google Blogoscoped reacts with "Oh my." I react
    with "Hallelujah."…
  • Google
    Relaunches US Government Search, Now With Personalized Home Page

    Google launched its search engine for US government information, informally
    known as Google Uncle Sam, many years ago. It’s been running since at least
    1999. But now the service has received an update giving it a personalized home
    page and formal branding as Google US Government Search….
  • SEMPO &
    Fair Issac Team Up To Study Click Fraud

    ClickZ reports that SEMPO and Fair Issac have teamed up to study PPC click
    fraud. Fair Issac is the organization that developed FICO scores to measure of
    credit risk, a service used by most credit agencies. ClickZ explains that the
    study will use several "artificial intelligence methods to determine the
    extent of click fraud and to develop a solution for the search marketing
    industry," developed by Fair Issac….
  • Yahoo
    Sued For Trademark Infringement Using Google AdWords reports that Yahoo was sued by for bidding on the trademark in Google AdWords. Reportedly, Yahoo placed bids on "www.lovecity"
    and "," so when someone searches on those phrases, Yahoo Personals
    would come up in the search ads on Google and Google’s search ad network. I
    tried a search on www.lovecity and saw two competing dating services but not
    Yahoo, come up in the sponsored listings section. I actually find it humorous
    that Yahoo would go this far, only because the left hand does not talk to the
    right hand….
  • Google
    Buys Headquarters For $319 Million

    Last night I was notified of a SEC Filing showing Google has entered into an
    agreement to purchase their headquarters (The GooglePlex) for $319 million. Of
    the $319 million, $10 million was already placed into escrow on June 9. Google
    is technically buying 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway and 1200-1500 Crittenden Lane,
    Mountain View, California, about 978,066 square feet of land. In addition to
    the $319 million price tag, Google has to pay $315,000 per month to the city;
    $140,000 per month for ground lease and $175,000 per month for rent with rent
    increases of 4 percent to 7 percent. More details…
  • Netscape
    Aims To Be Digg 2.0, Slashdot 3.0 With Community News Model

    I was never a big Slashdot fan, given that I found the conversations about
    search often had comments from people who didn’t know what they were talking
    about. Digg came along and hardly won me over. Having one of my stories Dugg
    over there reinforced the idea that Digg was Slashdot 2.0 in all the wrong
    ways. Now AOL is trying to revive its flagging Netscape brand by turning it
    into a Digg-clone or Slashdot 3.0, if you will. You’ll find the new version
  • SEO for
    All the News That’s Fit to Search

    The New York Times has one of the most popular news web sites, but until this
    year that was largely because of the strength of its brand. After its
    acquisition of, the Times embarked on an aggressive campaign to make
    its web site more search friendly, a complex process that’s paid off with
    notable traffic gains for the company. Today’s SearchDay article, Getting The
    New York Times More Search Engine Friendly, takes a look behind the scenes at
    how the Times and its vice president of enterprise search, Marshall Simmonds,
    pulled it off….
  • New
    Yahoo Publisher Network Changes Focus on New Publishers

    Yahoo Publisher Network released a new version of the control panel today
    which focuses on helping a new user get the most out of Yahoo, both within and
    outside the Publisher Network realm. For new publishers many how-tos, help
    guides and demos were added. But also included is a new Publisher Services tab
    which promotes other areas of Yahoo….
  • Google’s
    Complete Plays Of Shakespeare Less Than Compleat

    The Google blog ‘Inside Google Book Search’ announced in No holds bard that it
    is now possible to explore Shakespeare with Google – The complete plays of
    Shakespeare now at your fingertips. Well no, not exactly. I’ve spent some time
    playing around with this resource and it’s less than impressive for a number
    of reasons….
  • Yahoo,
    MapQuest Bring Where 2.0 Back to Earth

    Excuse the pun, of sorts. Many of the speakers and panelists over the past
    couple of days at Where 2.0 demonstrated a range of cool technologies or
    whiz-bang features that probably don’t have a hope of becoming breakout, mass
    market consumer applications. That doesn’t mean they aren’t interesting or
    useful. But the question is: where will these companies be in 5 years?…

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