Gets Ask Results, Toolbar

I mentioned
how useful was back in October, making it
easy for those with low vision to see things more clearly thanks to its big
fonts. Brad Haugaard, the project manager over there, dropped a note to say
there’s been some changes to improve the service. What’s new? Results now come
from Ask, rather than LookSmart. There’s been a general facelift all around. And
there’s a new Big Toolbar
for Internet Explorer to let you make any page look bigger — perhaps even those
from the major search engines. When I looked at Big last time, I found none of
the major search engines made it easy to increase font sizes, something I
believe is still the case. I know, I know — you can do it with stylesheets or
using features within both Firefox or IE. But it’s nice for people if the search
engines themselves make it easier.

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