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There were many interesting responses to the Real Estate Roundups that appeared in Search Day earlier this week (part II) and last week (part I). Most of the feedback called attention to other sites or features that had not been mentioned in those two articles. Of course, there are far more real estate sites than can be discussed in 1,100 words, so I had to leave out many interesting sites. (Some were excluded because I simply was unaware of them.)

Here is a selection of the sites that readers brought to our attention:

Real Estate blog Curbed, operating in New York, San Francisco and LA also has a companion NYC restaurant site, Eater.

The month old covers the New York market, with an intention to expand to Boston. Also focused exclusively on New York is Natefind, which offers the ability to see results on a map or in Google Earth (right column).

Like the better known Zillow, offers immediate valuations of homes with the capacity to adjust variables that affect the valuation of the property.

One of several sites to start using video, has real estate news in a “nightly news” format and offers local real estate listings paired with local community videos (a la

There’s also the very “Web 2.0”-feeling propsmart, which prominently features Google Maps and is quite similar to Trulia in some respects.

This didn’t come from feedback to the articles, but was featured by Microsoft’s Steven Lawler in his Where2.0 presentation earlier in the week: John L. Scott Real Estate. The site integrates Virtual Earth into the presentation of listings and allows for “traditional” or map-based real estate searches.

Finally, if you didn’t get enough from the two pieces we ran, there’s Joel Burslem’s Real Estate Marketing Blog that tracks the online trends and activities of the industry.

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