Google Yanks Sites 5 Billion Pages After Spam Complaint

I covered a
which uncovered several domains that was able to rank billions of
pages at the top of the Google results within a couple of weeks. The methods
deployed to rank the pages seemed to include excessive use of subdomains,
cloaking, content theft scraping, alexa traffic boosting and blog comment spam.
I listed the

. Some suspect that Google’s new URL handling with the big daddy update
allowed "old school" cloaking to begin working again.

A Threadwatch post shows
screen captures of the spam and also has
a comment from
Google representative, Adam Lasnik. Adam directly responds to over 5 billion
pages of this domain being indexed, saying:

We have noticed that some site: queries are showing bizarre results and
it’s turned out to be tied to a bad data push. We’re fixing it now.

Yes, we are aware of the site command issues (Google’s
mentioned them
itself). That may mean it is far less than 5 billion pages indexed in this case
— but still, plenty of pages got through.

If the site command is the issue or even if it is not, this is still
indicative of other substantial problems plaguing Google that are making the
rounds on discussion board and blogs lately.

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