Don’t Vote For Us As Best Search Marketing Blog At MarketingSherpa!

That’s right. We don’t want your vote in the "Blogs On Search Marketing" or
"Best Podcast" categories of MarketingSherpa’s awards,
happening right
. We couldn’t take them if we wanted to, since we didn’t make the short
list. Then again, neither did John Battelle’s blog, nor Threadwatch, nor Matt
Cutts, nor many of the others we list in our
blog roll. I
guess either:

  1. Not one of the 1,028 readers who nominated blogs thought we were worthy
    (sniff, we’ll try better, I suppose)
  2. Those readers who failed to nominate us and other good search marketing
    blogs need to better educate themselves (c’mon over — we’re fine reading)
  3. MarketingSherpa doesn’t like us (sniff)

Barry’s Search Engine Roundtable blog
won last year
and is nominated again, so give Barry your vote. Or give it to Brian’s! Or Aaron’s SEO Book blog, or
Search Engine Lowdown or one of the others that are listed.

Postscript: And see? Our “don’t vote for us” request would already ensure that someone like Heather Hamilton at Microsoft would vote for us — if she could vote for us, you know, if we were on the list 🙂 Sadly

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