Search Headlines & Links: June 22, 2006

Below, a recap of stories posted today to the Search Engine Watch Blog, along
with other items we’ve spotted but not blogged separately:

From The SEW Blog…

  • Daily
    SearchCast, June 22, 2006: Ask Not On Google Answers About Google; Should
    Google Dump Results Counts?; Google And Adobe Partner & More!

    Today’s search podcast covers Google Answers not allowing questions about
    Google; Google’s inaccurate results counts; Google partnering with Adobe on
    distribution; the Matt Cutts vacation countdown and more! Tune-in by listening
    to this MP3 file, listening via WebmasterRadio at 11:30am Eastern and repeated
    at 2pm Eastern Tuesday through Friday, via our Odeo channel or through iTunes
    via this link (or use alternative iTunes instructions explained here) or
    though our Yahoo Podcasts channel. Need more help tuning in live or finding
    the chat room? See the Daily SearchCast FAQ.
  • When’s
    Matt Cutts Back From Vacation Countdown Clock

    Thomas Bindl does what I was hoping someone would do — make a countdown clock
    for when Google’s Matt Cutts is returning from his vacation, spotted via
    Threadwatch. I’ve seen a number of posts in various places suggesting that
    Google has been having its recent spam and indexing problems because Matt’s
    finally taken a nice, long break. Bull. Matt’s great, a huge resource to
    Google, but the problems going on seem far more fundamental than Matt being
    away. If they really are due to him being gone, then Google has even bigger
    issues to deal with. Still, plenty of us…
  • Google,
    Kill The Web Search Counts!

    Number one on my 25 Things I Hate About Google list from March was "web search
    counts that make no sense." This week’s fiasco with the "5 billion spam pages"
    in Google only underscores that those counts really are a big issue that can
    be noticed by more than a few tech heads. Fix them or get rid of them, I
  • Google
    Search Appliance Now Available In Australia and New Zealand

    The Google Search Appliance is now available in Australia and in New Zealand.
    The Google Search Appliance starts at $74,486 AUD in Australia and starts at
    $87,702 NZD in New Zealand or $30,000 US in America. The full release can be
    found here….
  • Google
    Updates Toolbar Privacy Policy

    It appears to me that Google updated the Google Toolbar Privacy Policy
    yesterday. I know the dates do not reflect that on the page, but if you take a
    look at the current version and compare it to the cached version from Jun 16,
    2006 you will notice a lot of changes. Below are some of the larger changes to
    the privacy policy….
  • What the
    Critics Said

    The web has made it easy to seek out criticism to help us decide what to
    watch, listen to or read. But as with web search in general, finding the best
    sources of criticism can sometimes be a frustrating experience. In today’s
    SearchDay article, Searching for Critical Acclaim, I take an in-depth look at
    a service that aggregates reviews of movies, books, music and more and assigns
    a unique score that represents the collective critical opinion on the quality
    of each reviewed title….
  • More
    Stats & Features From Google Sitemaps

    The Inside Google Sitemaps Blog announced more features and statistics added
    to the Google Sitemaps product. The features mainly include additional
    statistics, but you can also find additional tools. Here is a quick rundown of
    the new items you can find at Google Sitemaps. + Unlimited crawl errors in
    reports + More query stats, a lot more, including reporting on subfolders +
    Common words report increased to show 75 words from 20 + Submit up to 500
    sitemaps under one Google Account, up from 200 + Adsbot-Google useragent added
    to robots.txt tool + Added a rate this tool poll. That…
  • Google
    Answers: Ask Whatever You Like, Except About Google

    We wrote earlier about Google pulling a question at Google Answers about
    Google. Philipp Lenssen at Google Blogoscoped followed-up further and found
    that Google officially disallows people to ask questions about the company
    because the researchers at Google Answers aren’t Google employees. Got that?
    Freelance researchers are apparently qualified to answer questions about any
    other company in the world, but when it comes to Google, special treatment is
    required. Incredible….
  • Google
    Partners With Adobe For Toolbar Distribution In Shockwave, Other Product To Be

    Both Adobe (PDF link) and Google have announced a new deal where Adobe will
    distribute the Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer as part of Adobe
    Macromedia Shockwave Player downloads. That was supposed to begin yesterday,
    and bundling with other Adobe products will happen in the future. Wait a
    minute? Weren’t Yahoo and Adobe buddy-buddies? Yes — a special version of the
    Yahoo Toolbar is built into the popular Adobe Acrobat Reader program, through
    a deal dating back to October 2004….
  • New
    Search Patents: June 22, 2006 – Google File System, Microsoft Blocks, and
    Yahoo Autonotifications

    Google patents the Google File System, Microsoft claims a Functional Object
    Model for mobile devices, and Yahoo! (Overture) describes an autonotification
    process to inform advertisers of when a certain condition has been met
    concerning one of their ads….
  • Wall
    Street Journal Piece On Tracking

    Mylene Mangalindan of the Wall Street Journal wrote a solid piece on Monday
    that was unfortunately buried at the end of the annual All Things Digital
    section. If you’re a multi-channel internet marketer, read her article, Ad
    Vantage (Paid reg. required). The piece looks at potential pitfalls of
    advertising online without proper analytics tracking and covers such topics as
    Garden Harware?s difficulties tracking which search advertising or comparison
    shopping clicks actually convert (PriceGrabber and are singled
    out), eBay?s solution for search marketing (seems they developed a system
    in-house after leaving Efficient Frontier), Alibris? problems with affiliate
    sales (not all…

Other Things We Read, Didn’t Blog But You Might Want To Read…

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