Daily SearchCast, June 23, 2006: Google Sells Baidu Stake While Expanding Its Own Numbers In China; Google Testing Ads In Video; & More!

Today’s search podcast covers Google selling its stake in the Chinese Baidu
search engine; Google planning to expand employees for its own Chinese efforts;
Google testing ads in video content; looking at issues with filtering adult
content in video and web search and more!

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Below are links to items discussed:

  • Google
    Disposes Of Stake In Baidu

    Reuters reports that Google has sold its "modest investment in Baidu." Google
    owned about two-percent of Baidu.com, worth about $63 million, and "disposed"
    of that investment on May 25th. Google spokesperson, Debbie Frost said, "It
    has always been our goal to grow our own successful business in China and we
    are very focused on that."…
  • Google
    To Have 1000 Employees In China By 2007

    Pacific Epoch reports that Google expect to have over 1,000 employees in
    Google China by 2007. By the end of this year, Google hopes to have 200
    employees based in China. Google will have three research and development
    centers in China, they will be based in Beijing, Shanghai and Taiwan according
    the article….
  • AdWords
    Tweaks & Bug Fixes Documented

    I reported this morning at the Search Engine Roundtable on Small But Important
    New Google AdWords Features & Fixes. eWhisper at WebmasterWorld tracked the
    small, sometimes unnoticed, changes within Google AdWords and put together a
    list. Here is that list. + Local time zone added to MCC reports. + Bug fixed
    where the ‘account’ box didn’t show on sub mcc reports. + Add your GAP
    business to Google Local (although, not sure why this wasn’t attached to base
    so the pin was unnecessary) + HTTPs errors fixed on internal help pages (note,
    the only place I can tell the error…
  • Google
    Testing Ad Supported Premium Video

    Google is running a test offering about 2,000 premium videos available for
    free streaming viewing, inserting a persistent banner-type ad at the top of
    the screen and showing an additional post-roll video ad once the premium
    content has finished streaming. The test is expected to last about a week,
    according to Peter Chane, group business product manager, Google Video. ,
    inserting a persistent banner-type ad at the top of the screen and showing an
    additional post-roll video ad once the premium content has finished streaming.
    The test is expected to last about a week, according to Peter Chane, group
  • Child
    Porn Suit Dropped Against Google

    The Associate Press reports that the suit brought against Google for profiting
    on child pornography has been dropped. Jeffrey Toback, of the Nassau County
    Legislature, filed the suit in early May. Toback said he dropped the suit
    because "Google has offered to sit down and discuss the issues. They didn’t
    want to do that while litigation was pending, so we’re taking them up on their
  • Video
    Search, Smut and Censorship

    Earlier this week, ZDNet News published an article discussing the presence and
    availability of explicit content on video search sites like, YouTube, Yahoo
    Video and Google Video. "A weeklong review of some of the top user-generated
    video sites by CNET News.com unearthed scenes of beheadings, masturbation,
    bloody car accidents, bondage and sadomasochism," wrote the reporter, Greg
    Sandoval. He did say that this review found no child pornography….
  • Ask.com
    Too Strict With Child & Sex Keywords?

    The Hammer of Trust writes that Ask.com is way too strict for searches on
    keywords about sex and children. For example, a search on Ask.com on [laws
    against pedophilia] brings back a message that reads, "This query does not
    comply with Ask.com Terms of Service." The "Go" button following the message
    links you to Ask.com Terms of Service. Other similar searches do the same
    thing, such as , talking to your children about sex, blocking porn from kids
    and warning your kids about sex offenders. I also tried searching on
    preventing child pornography and that also was blocked. It is…

  • PhotoBucket Has 44% Share of Photo Sharing Sites: Beating Yahoo & Flickr

    The Hitwise blog posted what I found to be surprising statistics on what is
    the most popular photo sharing site. I would have thought Yahoo Photos or
    Flickr would be a one of the most popular services, but it looks like
    PhotoBucket has almost 44% of the share, compared with Yahoo Photos with only
    18% share in the number two spot. Even more surprising, to me at least, is
    that Flickr has barely 6% share, ranking number six in the list. Hitwise tells
    me that Photobucket surpassed Yahoo! Photos in January 2006, and its share of
    visits increased by 34%…
  • Japan’s
    Softbank Mobile Phones To Use Yahoo As Content Portal

    MarketWatch reports that Softbank, who acquired Vodafone, will be using Yahoo
    to "bring the broad world of the Internet" to their mobile users. The mobile
    phones will have some sort of direct link to the Yahoo portal, to bring the
    content of that portal to Softbank’s mobile users….
  • Google
    Mixes Up Referrals Buttons

    I reported at the Search Engine Roundtable that Google has mixed up the
    referral buttons with the Google AdSense referral program. For example, I have
    inserted the code to display the Google Pack referral button on this page but
    instead it is displaying the graphics and materials for the Google Firefox
    referrals. This was first reported at WebmasterWorld yesterday at 11:50am
    (EST). It continues to be a problem to this minute….

  • Specialty Search Roundup #4

    Another week has gone by and the world of databases of special interest to the
    web researcher have appeared on ResourceShelf. Here’s a look at a few of them
    along with a couple of database news items via ResourceShelf. By the way, the
    ResourceShelf site itself has also been updated and enhanced with a new look
    this week….

  • Technorati Betting: New Link Bait Idea

    Omar emailed me that he has posted a Technorati Blog Betting competition.
    Basically, you bet as much as you like, on the chances that a particular blog
    will be at the number one spot. As ThreadWatch notes Matt Cutts has 6 to 1
    odds in this competition. They currently have Matt Cutts, Robert Scoble,
    Engadget, and some others in the competition. This site, nor is my site in the
    running. Currently, the Technorati top 100 shows me at #35, Philipp at #29,
    ShoeMoney at #52, John Battelle at #63 and Danny (SEW) at #69….

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