Google’s Spam Score Details Shown?

Peter Da Vanzo spotted a DigitalPoint thread that found clues as to how Google scores spam results behind the scenes. Now, honestly, I have no idea if this is about spam or something else, it is just that the information posted in the forum, seems to appear like a spam score report by Google. How did it come about? The user was presented with this information after clicking on a cache URL in the Google results. The user was shocked to see the following information revealed to him.

pacemaker-alarm-delay-in-ms-overall-sum 2341989
pacemaker-alarm-delay-in-ms-total-count 7776761
cpu-utilization 1.28
cpu-speed 2800000000
timedout-queries_total 14227
num-docinfo_total 10680907
avg-latency-ms_total 3545152552
num-docinfo_total 10680907
num-docinfo-disk_total 2200918
queries_total 1229799558
e_supplemental=150000 ?pagerank_cutoff_decrease_per_round=100 ?pagerank_cutoff_increase_per_round=500 ?parents=12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23 ?pass_country_to_leaves ?phil_max_doc_activation=0.5 ?port_base=32311 ?production ?rewrite_noncompositional_compounds ?rpc_resolve_unreachable_servers ?scale_prvec4_to_prvec ?sections_to_retrieve=body+url+compactanchors ?servlets=ascorer ?supplemental_tier_section=body+url+compactanchors ?threaded_logging ?nouse_compressed_urls ?use_domain_match ?nouse_experimental_indyrank ?use_experimental_spamscore ?use_gwd ?use_query_classifier ?use_spamscore ?using_borg

What does it mean? One can guess. And does Google want to assimilate us all? “?using_borg.” Threadwatch also has discussion here.

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