Dr. Stephen Hawking Turns To Yahoo Answers For How Humans Will Survive; Bono Posts Too

Wow. Dr. Stephen Hawking, yes, the real Stephen Hawking, has turned to Yahoo
Answers for help.
How can
the human race survive the next hundred years?
, he asks, in a question that
Yahoo reassures us
is really from the famous physicist and not a joke. And stay tuned, because
Yahoo’s planning to get U2’s Bono to post later today.

How’s it going for Hawking? There were 15,867 answers when I looked. That
means his next question should be, "How can I review all these answers?" The
answer is to sit back and let the Yahoo Answers community itself do it. It will
be interesting to see what’s voted as the best answer.

For more on Yahoo Answers, see my past article,
Look Out
Wikipedia, Here Comes Yahoo Answers!

Postscript: Bono has added his post now on ending poverty, says Yahoo. Hawking Seeks Answers on Yahoo from the Associated Press also has some nice background on his involvement and how Yahoo staffers will help him sift through responses.

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