Another CGM Contest Spews Forth

This one I actually like. In fact, it’s the first CGM contest I’ve seen in a long while that seems to have a halfway decent reason for existing.

If you spend any time slumming around YouTube, then you know about the Mentos/Diet Coke mini-craze. Two guys put together a video of themselves creating complicated geysers and mist clouds of vapourized corn syrup using only Mentos and a two-liter bottle of Coke. Many amateur chemist-videographers followed suit, and now scattered across the video aggregation sites are hundreds of short movies showing the curious results of dropping Mentos into sugared soda water.

With its new contest, Mentos will now do what Cingular, Intel and others have done before: invite video creators to make movies featuring its brand, in exchange for a shot at winning something or other. What’s different here is that the Freshmaker is working with a CGM concept that already has a some momentum behind it, rather than trying to invent one out of thin air.

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