New Landing Page Quality Score Announced for Google AdWords Advertisers

The Google AdWords blog has announced new changes that will be seen next week that will result in some advertisers faced with higher minimum bids to keep their campaigns running on AdWords, as a result in changes being made to the landing page quality score algorithm. While a small number of advertisers will be affected, AdWords is targeting those landing pages that offer a poor user experience to those who click the ads.

It is suspected that those doing click arbitrage will likely be amongst the first to be affected, as many offer landing pages with nothing or little else other than Google or Yahoo ads. Click arbitrage involves buying inexpensive pay per click traffic, such as from Google AdWords. The advertiser then hopes that each visitor will hit the landing page and then click a higher-paying ad (often Google AdSense or Yahoo ContentMatch) to leave the page. As a result, many click arbitragers have either no content on the page other than the ads or just enough content to influence the AdSense ads.

Next week, the new algo for the landing page quality score will be released, and affected advertisers will see their minimum bid prices changed in the AdWords account. Google stresses only a small number of advertisers will be affected, and offers assistance for those advertisers who feel they have been wrongly impacted by the new changes. All advertisers can access the landing page quality guidelines here.

For a more detailed look at how these changes to the scoring will affect both publishers and those doing click arbitrage, see New landing page quality score could affect click aribtrage publishers at JenSense.

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