AdSense Consulting Group Fed Up With Google AdSense

Wired has a story on AdSense, not Google AdSense, but AdSense Consulting, the company who registered back in 1996.

If you visit, you will notice Google does not own the site, and they do not provide Google AdSense services.

In fact, they have a message on the site that reads, “If you think you can get rich quick placing other people’s ads on your site or blog, please contact Google who has taken and used our business name without permission or compensation.”

I find it funny that Google AdSense, which is a contextual ad program, developed to provide relevant sales leads, has done the exact opposite for AdSense Consulting.

AdSense Consulting apparently gets hundreds of irrelevant phone calls and emails to answer Google AdSense customer support related questions, something nothing to do with their business. Sounds incredibly frustrating to me.

The article notes the company has now sold the domain to another company, which has not yet been named. Google declined to purchase it from her, apparently. Google also decided her site didn’t qualify to carry AdSense ads, either.

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