Many Advertisers Are Frustrated With Google’s New Quality Score & Pricing

On July 7th Jennifer Slegg reported that the new Google AdWords landing page quality score algorithm has been updated. Since then, the effects of the new algorithm have been rippling through AdWords campaigns and digging deep into the pockets of many of Google’s advertisers.

Chris Boggs at the Search Engine Roundtable reported many of the discussions taking place at the various webmaster forums on the Internet. But one thread we felt was important to highlight was from WebmasterWorld.

The thread is named Open letter to Google Regarding Changes to The Ad Words Program. Written by Mark A. Libbert, Attorney At Law, explains how even-though he spends over $300,000 per year with Google, his Google representatives are treating him like an unwanted customer. The issue is with the minimum bids rising, after two solid years of high quality ads, with a 26% click through rate on some! He explains that the core of the issue is the bid prices rising but what makes things worse is that, “your [Google] employees have been uninformed and left in the dark about these major changes to your program, and perhaps more importantly your paying customers have been left in the dark as well.”

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