Microsoft: “Enterprise Search Is Our Business” (It’s Not) & Google Can’t Have It (They Don’t)

Microsoft to Google:
Hands off enterprise search
from and a similar

from The Register both cite Microsoft Chief Operating Office Kevin
Turner declaring "enterprise search is our business, it’s our house and Google
is not going to take that business."

Gosh — I though enterprise search was Autonomy’s business, Autonomy’s house.
This recent Investors Business Daily
had Autonomy as the "clear leader" in enterprise search, followed by FAST, IBM
and then Google. Microsoft isn’t even mentioned — not once.

Other reports (InformationWeek,
talk about Turner saying Microsoft is strong in the enterprise space overall.
Sure. But enterprise search as Microsoft’s business? And Google’s trying
to take it? That doesn’t wash.

Google’s been providing a dedicated enterprise search product, the Google
Search Appliance,
since 2002.
They also offered hosted site search solutions from before that. Enterprise
search isn’t something Google’s suddenly decided to do, just because Microsoft
is doing it. The same is true for other companies that fall under Turner’s ire:

Those people are not going to be allowed to take food off of our plate,
because that is what they are intending to do.

In reality, Microsoft seems to have no serious enterprise search house at the
moment, and if anyone’s trying to grab food off the plate, it pretty much sounds
like it’s Microsoft doing the grabbing.

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