Google Sends Aspirin After AdWords Changes Causes Headache

Earlier this week, Al Scillitani posted at Marketing Pilgrim about how all the recent Google AdWords changes were giving him a headache. Today, he posted how in response, he’d been sent some acetaminophen in response from Google. I thought it was interesting enough to note in today’s search headlines roundup but not that big of a deal overall. How wrong I was :)

Over 3,000 Diggs later, the story’s got legs. Adam Lasnik from Google’s search quality team says he’s the culprit. Adam’s actually got nothing to do with AdWords, but the gesture was funny anyway.

Postscript: I deliberately went with aspirin (acetylsalicylate) in the headline, which is a different than acetaminophen, simply because it makes the headline sound catchier. But parents, remember, they aren’t the same thing and can have serious issues if you give a child aspirin when they have a viral infection. For more about Reye’s Syndrome, see this site.

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