Problems Connecting To Google From The UK

Barry noted on
Search Engine Roundtable that some people in the UK are having problems
connecting to Google. I’m one of those unlucky ones, and so far, it remains a
mystery to Google about what’s going on.

I’ve talked with a Google engineer this evening for about a half hour, trying
various things to figure out what’s wrong. Google still isn’t certain. For me,
it means that I cannot connect to:

  • Google
  • Gmail’s web site
  • Google Analytics
  • AdSense
  • AdWords
  • Google Accounts

I can reach things like Blogger or Google UK, rather than I can
also receive Gmail via POP, but I can’t send.

Oddly, if I shift over to Internet Explorer rather than Firefox, I can reach
Google Analytics except that the log-in window, which comes off a secure server,
fails to load.

I access Google through BT Broadband, and a few others using BT seem to be
having similar problems. So far, it’s not a ton of people — but enough that if
you’re having problems, it’s not just your imagination. Short answer is,
Google’s aware of the issue and looking into it. For myself, I’m calling it a
night and figuring that when I wake up, things will likely have cleared up.

Reaching Google From The UK
is a thread I’ve started over in our Search
Engine Watch Forums on the issue. If anyone else is having problems, feel free
to contribute what your situation is, in hopes that might help get things

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