AFP Content Still In Google News, Probably Via AFP’s Own Partners

suit, Google News still indexing AFP content
" from IDG News Service covers
Agence France Press content still appearing in
Google News after the company
said last
year that it would no longer carry AFP content, following a copyright
. The problem seems to be that AFP content is distributed by other
publishers, such as the New York Times.

There’s no foolproof way for Google to flag these articles as AFP content and
thus remove them. Honestly, it’s down to AFP itself to teach its distributors to
learn out to use the meta
robots tag
to flag this content as not to be indexed.

Then again, I’m sure that over time, the situation will resolve itself. After
all, if AFP is
stupid enough
not to understand the value of search traffic,
that do understand this
like the
New York Times
itself will overtake it as people turn to them for content

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