The Google Idiots Are Damn Smart

Spotted via Battelle, the folks running Google are a bunch of idiots! At least that is what Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt wants you to think. Schmidt remarked to reporters the other day, “So, yes we are IDIOTS — and please WRITE THAT DOWN.” Huh? Write it down? What does that get you? Schmidt continues, “We have every known problem that a growth company has — quicker…Write down all the obvious problems, we have every one of them. So we make a list of them (potential problems) and we anticipate them.”

Sarcasm, personally, I think it is great. Some people may be a little disturbed by this unusual happenstance but I think overall, it brings Google back to being human. Google wants that, I suspect. Yes, people are idiots, they make mistakes, they have problems and they work on solutions to fix those problems. Smart idiots are better than dumb idiots. Now it is up to you to decide for yourself which type of idiots would the Google’s leaders be classified as.

You can listen to the complete interview (39 minutes) by clicking here (MP3 file), or review some of the highlights that Reuters has posted. I have not listened to it, so I did not write any of this based on the tone of his voice.

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