Malware Search Engine Powered By Google

H.D. Moore of Metasploit designed a vertical search engine using the Google API to search specifically for malware. The search engine can be found here.

This follows news last week of a private search engine having been developed to do the same thing.

Ryan Naraine at eWeek has an excellent write up on how the engine works, describing that the search engine has been coded with 300 malware signatures with hopes to increase that to 6,000. The engine then searches the web according to Google and finds executable files that match those signatures.

Steven Bryant from Google Watch notes that Metasploit changed the logo to “censored” it after possibly receiving a cease and desist letter from Google. Here is the before and after.


Looks to me that Metasploit is having fun with this. I really don’t know if Google complained to Metasploit that he used the colors of the Google logo for this logo. But it is funny, nonetheless.

Now, is this a good thing for the public to have access to? I got other news to report, you can debate that question yourself.

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