Click Pirates Making A Mockery Of The Text Ad Space

Peter Da Vanzo uncovers a disturbing practice where there are people out there clicking on ads, with the sole desire to hurt advertisers and enrich themselves.

It is not simply a competitive thing or something large scale with normal cases of click fraud that we have reported in the past. There are people out there that I want to call “Click Pirates” who click on ads, knowingly and proudly, stealing from advertisers, plus they encourage others to join with them in this quest.

Peter pulled out remarks from these people in a thread (site seems to be down now) that include remarks such as,

Let’s steal from the people with a lot of money, not ourselves?

?If it were illegal, they would be at my door to arrest me?

?The most of the persons who are clicking are there to get any money because they need, not only to made a hobbie from this. Most of the “policers” here forgotted it and are breaking hope for a lot of people when they do their witch hunt. I am so sad about that.?

The worse part is that this is becoming more organized, like underground click fraud gangs. They come together, steal from advertisers and split the loot.

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