Search Engine Watch Server Change

About a year ago, Incisive Media
Search Engine Watch from Jupitermedia. Part of the purchase meant that
Jupitermedia would continue to host Search Engine Watch for a year. With that
time up, we’re finally moving. This is a heads-up that the change is happening.

The Search Engine Watch Forums (
about two weeks ago. It was pretty painless and not noticed by most

The main Search Engine Watch site (
is being moved right now. I was just told that our DNS was changed. That means
over the next day, people will be invisibly sent to the new servers hosting our
content, rather than the old Jupitermedia-hosted ones.

If all goes well, you won’t notice the move. It should happen automatically
for you. At the moment, the content on both sites is the same and will stay that
way until tomorrow, at which point everyone really should be sent automatically
to the new site.

How do you know if you are at the new site? Scroll down to the search box in
the left-hand column. If you see an option to search and sort “results in date
order,” you’re being routed to the new site (note that on the Search Engine
Watch Blog —
— the search box is yet again different).

How also to know? Chances are things will break. We have a lot of
redirections in place, and we’re checking to make sure that everything is
working fine. But inevitably, something will go wrong.

Spotted a bug, a problem? Use this
form and
let us know, and we’ll get it solved.

Finally, the Search Engine
Watch Blog
hasn’t switched yet. That will happen in a few days, and I’ll
post a notice there, when it does.

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