Yahoo Revamps Behavioral Targeting Platform

ClickZ reports on the details of Yahoo’s revised behavioral targeting platform, once known as Fusion and Impulse. Fusion and Impulse has been renamed to Engagers and Shoppers to better describe what the product does. Anna Papadopoulos of ClickZ interviewed Richard Frankel, senior director of product marketing at Yahoo about the new upgrade.

Here are quotes pulled from the interview that sums up the changes:

+ The new ad matching system uses advanced technology to identify and target prospects at different stages of the purchase cycle.
+ Our Engagers target set lets an advertiser reach consumers who have recently displayed interest in a specific product category. These are good candidates to receive messaging that builds brand awareness and consideration.
+ Our Shoppers target set, on the other hand, lets an advertiser reach consumers whose level of recent behavior indicates that they are more actively in market — and probably are close to purchase — right now. These consumers are terrific candidates for direct response messaging and offers, since they have a high likelihood to respond directly to ad messages.
+ Yahoo is currently beginning deployment of its new platform to major markets in Asia and Europe.

Full interview at ClickZ.

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