Search Headlines & Links: July 19, 2006

Below, a recap of stories posted today to the Search Engine Watch Blog, along
with other items we’ve spotted but not blogged separately:

From The SEW Blog…

  • Can
    IAC’s Pronto Shopping Search Compete?

    IAC, parent of search engine, has had a shopping search tool for some
    time, in the form of Pronto, a downloadable application. Recently, IAC created
    a web-based version of Pronto, which has some useful features?but it joins a
    crowded field with hundreds of other players. SEW correspondent Brian Smith
    takes a look at Pronto and muses about the challenges it faces in today’s
    SearchDay article, Up Close with IAC’s Pronto Shopping Search….
  • Google
    Finance Adds Suggest Auto Complete & Conference Call Transcripts

    We have been tipped off that Google Finance has added two new features today.
    The first is auto-complete, like Google Suggest. If you go to Google Finance
    and begin typing something, it will offer suggestions tailored to stock
    symbols (pretty useful). Also, if you view a particular stock quote, you may
    notice an additional link added under the “Facts” section where it has “Site
    Links.” The additional link is named “Transcripts” and links to If you view GOOG and click on the transcript link, it takes
    you to Recent Transcripts for GOOG at….
  • 11 Ways
    To Drive Traffic To Your Site

    Rand at SEOMoz writes up an excellent post he named 10 Remarkably Effective
    Strategies for Driving Traffic. He has given us 10, plus one bonus idea for
    driving traffic to your site. I will list them in summery here, but Rand has
    posted the “ingredients”, “process”, “results” and “examples” for each listed
    traffic driving strategy at his post….
  • North
    Korean Missiles & Chinese Helicopter Training Site On Google Earth

    The Register covers how Google Earth enthusiasts have spotted what appears to
    be a scale model mockup of a disputed section of the China-India border. Why
    does it exist? Perhaps to help train Chinese helicopter pilots in case of any
    military action. And Boing Boing covers how North Korean missile sites are
    being tracked in the software, including the Musudan-ri/No-Dong missile test
    site, Pipa Got naval base and Cho Do naval base. More details on the North
    Korean sites here….
  • What Do
    Google’s Leaked Spidering & Ranking Factors Mean?

    Earlier this month we reported on Google’s Spam Score Details, but no one knew
    what it meant exactly. Todd Malicoat took a peek into the Google algorithm a
    week ago with his best guesses on what each value represents. I am not going
    to go through all the details, but Todd makes some smart and detailed
    responses for each listed value listed in the spam score. Re-inspired by
  • Yahoo
    Revamps Behavioral Targeting Platform

    ClickZ reports on the details of Yahoo’s revised behavioral targeting
    platform, once known as Fusion and Impulse. Fusion and Impulse has been
    renamed to Engagers and Shoppers to better describe what the product does.
    Anna Papadopoulos of ClickZ interviewed Richard Frankel, senior director of
    product marketing at Yahoo about the new upgrade….
  • Google
    Says Goodbye To Affiliates?

    At Search Engine Roundtable, I wrote Google AdWords Ridding Themselves of
    Affiliates, which documents a case of a long time AdWords advertiser saying he
    was told by his Google representative that he and his kind are no longer
    wanted in the AdWords program. This all goes back to the new quality score for
    landing pages, which tend to weed out affiliate sites. Basically, the
    “quality” of affiliate sites are not high enough anymore to do well in the new
    quality score algorithm. Google may be weeding out these affiliates by
    inflating their minimum bid to prices that are not economically…
  • Yahoo’s
    Stock Falls On Panama Delay & Q2 Earnings Release

    Everyone is blaming the fall in Yahoo’s stock price due to the delayed launch
    of Panama, Yahoo’s new ad system. We have USA Today reporting about a record
    second quarter revenue that still didn’t help Yahoo’s stock price. Bloomberg
    reports that Yahoo shares “had their biggest drop in more than four years” and
    how earnings fell just short of analyst projections. CNN has a catchy “No
    yodeling for Yahoo investors” headline for its report. The Wall Street Journal
    and Reuters explain that Yahoo’s numbers met expectations but that the delayed
    launch caused concern that Microsoft can catch up with Yahoo…

  • Reporting Data Delayed At Microsoft adCenter

    I covered at Search Engine Roundtable that Microsoft adCenter has been having
    some reporting issues, where data in your adCenter reports are delayed as far
    back as the 14th (almost five full days). Microsoft is aware of the issue and
    will have things working properly as soon as possible….
  • Yahoo
    Delays Launch Of New Ad System, “Panama”

    ClickZ reports that Yahoo’s new ad system, aka Panama, will not be launching
    in the 3rd quarter. They now estimate a delayed launch date of the 4th
    quarter. The new ad system was reported on by Danny back in early May. ClickZ
    has more details on how the delayed launch has affected the company’s
  • Google:
    Semantic Web Faces Webmaster Challenges

    For years, Sir Tim Berners-Lee has posed the idea of a semantic web that will
    be smarter through tagging. I’ve always said the flaw with this idea is that
    people make mistakes with tagging. Google’s also said this type of thing
    before, as well — but Google’s director of search Peter Norvig gave fresh
    pushback yesterday when on a panel with Lee. Google exec challenges
    Berners-Lee from has the details, with Norvig explaining that site
    owners often don’t tag information correctly, along with some simply being
    misleading. True enough….
  • Judge
    Gives AFP Case Against Google More Time

    A US federal judge has declined to dismiss a copyright infringement case filed
    by Agence France Press against Google News. Instead, she’s given both sides
    more time to assemble evidence before ruling on a dismissal motion….
  • Zillow
    Partners With Yahoo!

    Zillow, the real estate wunderkind, announced a partnership with Yahoo! in
    which Zillow’s Zestimates (home value estimates) will show up on Yahoo! search
    result pages as a Shortcut. Here’s the result for ‘home values’ on Yahoo!.
    Zillow will also be featured in Yahoo’s real estate section (under the ‘what’s
    my home worth’ link). Read the official press release, Zillow’s blog post, or
    the Yahoo! Search blog post….

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