Search Headlines & Links: July 26, 2006

Below, a recap of stories posted today to the Search Engine Watch Blog, along
with other items we’ve spotted but not blogged separately:

From The SEW Blog…

  • Daily
    SearchCast, July 26, 2006: Google Use Of Landing Pages For Ad Rank Raises
    Issues; Google Now Reporting Invalid Clicks? Google Parachute (Beta) & More!

    Today’s search podcast covers issues with Google making more use of landing
    pages to rank ads; Google now reporting invalid clicks to advertisers; online
    ad spend expected to continue rising; bailing out of the Google Jet and more!
  • Powerful
    Search + Social Bookmarking = Diigo

    Social bookmarking and search services have been exploding in popularity
    recently, but I’ve yet to find one that combined ease of use and flexibility
    in just the right way. I’ve been playing around with a new “social annotation”
    service called Diigo that launched this week, and have been favorably
    impressed. It’s simple, easy to use, but offers a lot of power, especially
    when it comes to searching—both the web as well as content that you’ve decided
    to save. More on the new service in today’s SearchDay article, Diigo Offers
    “Social Annotation” Tool….
  • New US
    Child Protection Law Might Make Webmasters Second Guess What They Write

    Via Threadwatch, Congress spanks naughty sex sites from covers how
    the US is likely to gain a new law making it illegal to send people to porn by
    using misleading text….
  • FAA
    Safety Instructions For The Google Jet

    InsideGoogle spotted a funny write up from the Seattle Times called Google
    founders eager to take users for a ride. I’ll quote the piece InsideGoogle
    quoted: I’m now required by the Federal Aviation Administration to give the
    following safety instructions, because our aircraft is in beta and always will
  • Google
    Toolbar Look-Alike Installing Malicious Programs

    Search Engine Journal reports on a SurfControl release that fake Google
    Toolbars are being downloaded unknowingly and causing those computers to be
    contaminated with malicious programs. The programs then use the computers to
    send out mass-email spam and/or for “internet attacks.” So be careful where
    you download your toolbars….
  • Online
    Ad Spend 9% Of All Ad Spend By 2011

    ClickZ reports on a JupiterResearch report that online advertising spend is
    projected to snag up nine percent of the total advertising pie by 2011. They
    estimate that $25.9 billion in revenues will be spent on online ads by 2011,
    “rising at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11 percent over the next
    five years.” For search marketers, 43 percent of the online ad spend will be
    search-based ads, accounting for $11.1 billion by 2011….
  • Google
    AdWords Now Reporting Invalid Click Rates

    Google is now offering AdWords advertisers the ability to see how many invalid
    clicks that Google catches before they are billed. “Estimating invalid clicks”
    from the Official Google Blog has more about this good move, which should help
    to better educate advertisers….
  • AOL
    Redesigns Local CityGuides

    Thanks to Gary Price for pointing out that AOL has launched a beta redesign of
    its popular CityGuides. Here’s the current version of the site for New York
    and here’s the new beta version of the same city site. Of the more than 300
    CityGuides AOL offers, the top 25 are part of the new beta. Among the upgrades
    and improvements are a visually richer interface, more imagery, more
    dynamically generated content and more community features. Gary also points
    out that AOL’s Moviefone and CityGuides have also been added to the AOL mobile

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