Search Headlines & Links: July 28, 2006

Below, a recap of stories posted today to the Search Engine Watch Blog, along
with other items we’ve spotted but not blogged separately:

From The SEW Blog…

  • Daily
    SearchCast, July 28, 2006: Google Class Action Suit Over Click Fraud Settled;
    Google Radio Ads; Anti-Phishing Protection In Search Results & More!

    Today’s search podcast covers the class action lawsuit settlement against
    Google over click fraud getting final approval; Google ramping up radio ad
    testing; putting anti-phishing warnings into your search results; ranking woes
    and more!

  • TrustWatch Extension Puts Phishing Warnings Into Google, Yahoo & MSN Results

    Using Firefox or Flock? Now you can get an extension from TrustWatch that will
    may help you spot phishing scams in your search results at Google, Yahoo and
  • Google
    Testing Radio Ad Sales In Detroit

    Google rides the radio waves, from looks at how Google AdSense for
    radio is now being tested in Detroit, before a planned rollout of the program
    to all Google advertisers. Technically, Google’s been running radio ads ever
    since it acquired dMarc Broadcasting in January. It’s not like dMarc stopped
    doing what it was already doing when Google bought it. The real change is that
    Google is integrating the ability for any existing advertiser to make radio ad
    purchases on a bid basis. For more on Google’s radio plans, see Googleplex
    Irvine & “AdSense Audio” For Radio Ads and Speculation:…
  • Google
    Guess, Google Real Estate – New Google Coming Services Found?

    Via Google Blogoscoped, What’s in Google’s Sandbox? from Tony Ruscoe has him
    stumbling upon new services that Google may plan to release such as Google
    Events, Google Real Estate Search and “Google Guess.”…
  • Google
    Hands Over Email In Hate Case

    Feds Retrieve Google Records after Gmail Used for Hate Speech from eWeek
    covers how the US FBI asked for and was given an email and some session
    information from someone accused of sending a threatening letter to the
  • Google
    Click Fraud Settlement Approved

    Download fileJust got word from Google that the settlement in the class action
    lawsuit over click fraud has been approved. I’m dashing out, so this is just a
    short post to give you a heads-up. So far, I haven’t seen any news stories on
    it. Settlement is here (PDF file), the $30 million in attorney fees is
    approved, apparently around 500 companies choosing to opt-out. I’ll postscript
    more tomorrow or do a fresh post when stories appear. Google statement: We’re
    pleased Judge Griffin has affirmed the settlement as appropriate and fair to
    advertisers. We look forward to continuing to manage…
  • What
    Drives Searchers to Buy Cars?

    The automotive industry is the largest player in the search world, in both
    natural search engine optimization and in the paid search arena. Until
    recently, auto manufacturers weren’t a major presence in search results, with
    most search marketing campaigns conducted by independent aggregators who
    focused on providing quotes, helping consumers locate dealers and so on.
    Recently, however, the major manufacturers have begun to flex their search
    muscles, much to the consternation of aggregators, who are feeling crowded. A
    new study from Yahoo and comScore looked at searcher behavior in the
    automotive sector, analyzing activity, user preferences, and how purchases

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