Google Paying News Sites For Google News Syndication?

Philipp Lenssen has some details on Google paying some news sources, such as the Associated Press, for syndicating their content in Google News. Philipp initially posted the story based on a Mercury News article that was foggy on the details of such relationships. But then Philipp received a statement from Google that read:

Google has always believed that content providers and publishers should be fairly compensated for their work so they can continue producing high quality information. We are always working on new ways to help users find the information they are looking for, and our business agreement with the Associated Press is one example of that.

Now, it is hard to know what this exactly means. Is Google paying the AP for allowing them to crawl and include their content in the Google News index? Will Google be creating a news portal, similar to Yahoo News (Yahoo has long paid to host some news content, though the story suggests Yahoo might be doing more of this). It is still unclear. How does Google determine who to pay and how much to pay? Can you pay Google to be included in Google News? Very interesting discovery by Philipp and I look forward to understanding this in more detail soon.

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