Site Geolocation Tool Sorts Backlinks By Top Level Domain

SEO Scoop reports on a new tool named Domain Localization. This tool uses the Yahoo link command to bring back a sorted list of your backlinks by linking TLD (top level domain). There are several factors that tell a search engine if you are a country specific web site; your TLD, meta geo tags, language on site, contact us page, the links pointing to your pages and a few other factors. This tool enables you to easily see the percentage of links pointing to you by TLD.

While Search Engine Watch is now hosted in the United Kingdom, the majority of its links are from .com TLDs (72%), 9% from .orgs, 6.6% from .nets, 5.8% from .edu and then 1.5% from .uks. My blog, the Search Engine Roundtable is hosted in the United States, and has 81% of their links from .coms, 5.65% from .orgs, 4.6% from .nets, and only 1.4% from .UK.

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