Search Headlines & Links: August 1, 2006

Below, a recap of stories posted today to the Search Engine Watch Blog, along
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From The SEW Blog…

  • Forum Fodder: SES San Jose Party Update, Secrets Spilled, and 301 Redirects Galore
    Hot topics & discussions going on in the Search Engine Watch Forums right now: The official party list for SES San Jose networking events has been updated as of today with a new pub crawl sponsored by – find more details in this thread. Whoa! Who opened the floodgates? SEO’s are sharing trade secrets left and right. Take your turn and share just one of your favorite search marketing secrets. Recommendations on implementing 301 redirects are popping up in several discussions, as solutions for duplicate content issues, and closing an old site. On a related redirect topic, a new…

  • Microsoft adCenter Upgrades Include Firefox Support
    Microsoft adCenter has a new release launching Saturday, August 5th, and one of the upgrades includes the long awaited Firefox browser support….

  • AdSense Testing New Ad Unit Styles
    Google AdSense has recently added a couple of new ad unit styles for regular publishers, although neither of them can be controlled by the publisher. First, AdSense is testing an unbranded ad unit where they have removed all Google branding from the ad unit, which virtually makes it impossible to identify the ad unit as advertising….

  • Google Toolbar Bug Warns Against Use Of Other Search Engines
    Philipp Lenssen reports that a bug in the Google Toolbar warns users when they select other search engines to use. If you enable in the toolbar that you want to keep Google as your main search engine, and you install a toolbar from say MSN, it will pop up warnings at you. The warning reads, “Google has blocked an attempt by another program to change your default search settings.” Benjamin Lewis from Google said there is a bug with the program, “The fact that GoogleToolbarNotifier.exe remains in memory after disabling the feature is a bug – thank you for reporting…

  • AOL Video To Launch New Video Portal
    I received a press release yesterday from AOL, announcing the soon to launch new AOL Video portal at, August 4th. What can you expect? More than “45 new video-on-demand content channels with thousands of hours of video programming from popular entertainment brands, organized and accessible via video search, browse or an interactive programming guide; free streaming content as well as the ability to purchase and download full-length content that can be viewed on multiple devices and PCs, online or offline; and access to millions of music videos, news clips, movie trailers, full length TV shows, and more.” Gary Price…

  • Site Geolocation Tool Sorts Backlinks By Top Level Domain
    SEO Scoop reports on a new tool named Domain Localization. This tool uses the Yahoo link command to bring back a sorted list of your backlinks by linking TLD (top level domain). There are several factors that tell a search engine if you are a country specific web site; your TLD, meta geo tags, language on site, contact us page, the links pointing to your pages and a few other factors. This tool enables you to easily see the percentage of links pointing to you by TLD….

  • Enquisite: New Free Analytics Tool Launches
    Enquisite is a new free analytics tool that is launching today. I’m not an analytics guru and so others will need to kick the tires. But one of the things that impresses me about it is that you’re able to see locally where your traffic is coming from. In other words, if you’ve got concentrations of users in Los Angeles or Des Moines or Seattle this tool will expose that and what they’re searching for. Thus it can help coordinate online and offline marketing. It also tracks and compares organic vs. PPC placement. It also appears to have many additional…

  • MSN Assigns Names To Vertical Search Crawlers
    I covered news at my blog this morning that MSN has assigned names to all their robots or crawlers. When MSN Search first launched, they had one robot named, msnbot. MSNbot did the work of all, from normal web search to image search to news and images. Now, MSN has clarified the roles and assigned names to each robot. The MSN Shopping bot is msnbot-products, the MSN News bot is msnbot-news, the MSN Image Search bot is msnbot-media and the MSN Search bot is still msnbot. This is important for SEOs, now you can define in your robots.txt file if…

  • Google Paying News Sites For Google News Syndication?
    Philipp Lenssen has some details on Google paying some news sources, such as the Associated Press, for syndicating their content in Google News. Philipp initially posted the story based on a Mercury News article that was foggy on the details of such relationships. But then Philipp received a statement from Google that read:…

  • Google’s Matt Cutts Answers Questions On Google Video
    Matt Cutts has released six video sessions so far, over the past two days at his blog. They all answers questions sent to him on the topic of search engine optimization. Most of the videos are about five minutes long, you don’t have to necessarily watch Matt talk, you can just listen (there is not much going on in the background). Here is a break down of the video SEO sessions:…

  • A Financial Analyst’s View of the Search Industry
    Jordan Rohan is a financial analyst who specializes in internet stocks. He’s been covering the industry since 1998, and has developed a reputation as a penetrating thinker who’s not afraid to tell it like he sees it. Rohan was one of the keynote speakers at the Media Post Search Insider Summit held in Keystone Colorado last week. His talk was wide-ranging, covering competitive trends, the importance of international markets, and of course, Google’s dominance—and whether anyone has a chance of knocking them off the search throne. More on Rohan’s views of the search world in today’s SearchDay article, Rohan: “The…

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